7 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Kitchen Appliances

There are some very common mistakes like ignoring appliance repair and so on which may result in a disaster before you realize it. So, let’s have a quick look at a few mistakes so you can avoid in future.

Overloading your Dishwasher

This is something we all can relate when dishware gets overloaded until there is no room left for any other dish or utensil. At this point, the situation usually become haphazard when you feel unsure to either run the dishwasher or try to make it a bit organized. A wise step is to not use your dishwasher in this condition and load your dishwasher properly. And if you don’t do that then obviously it will soon affect the washing mechanism of your dishwasher and also the vinyl coat inside may be chipped due to banging of dishes.

Not Using Blender Correctly

It is a practice of almost every other person to put all the ingredients together into their blender without following any sequence. It is totally wrong as there is a reason that your blender stalls after every few seconds. If you read the manual of any blender, you can see that it is always recommended to start with liquid then soft solids and then follow other hard ingredients on top. The same goes for the size of ingredients that you should put smaller ones first and then go for the bigger ones. This way keeps your blades working smoothly without causing any damage or need of repair.

Not Removing your Removable Cooktop Burners

Previously there came only fixed stovetop burners which made cleaning process too difficult as this part is considered as the greasiest inside your kitchen. But now removable cooktop burners are there but people are still following the old method of cleaning and rubbing the burners harshly to clean without removing them. This can only damage your burner and affecting their lives in the long run, thus you might need replacement very soon as well. Removable burners are a blessing so use this blessing and remove your burners and wash them separately with ammonia to clean all the grease quickly.

Not Giving Importance to Required Maintenance

Appliances cannot work with full efficiency for years without requiring any need of maintenance. There happen wear and tear but still many people ignore them and expect their appliances to perform flawlessly which obviously result in sudden disappointments. Also, it may cost you much more comparatively if you got it done at early stages of damage. So, it is better to act immediately in time of need rather than waiting for a complete breakdown from your beloved appliances.

Not Cleaning Oven Timely

When you are cooking food in your oven, it is very common to have droplets of oil, burnt pieces of food and pieces of cheese and tacos around the oven surface. It is no big deal if cleaned on right time but many people ignore it to clean after a few days or weeks. This may damage your heating rods by blocking them when they are unable to perform their job while it is also very unhygienic for human health as well.

Not Following Scheduled Cleaning of Daily Used Appliances

Daily use appliances may include your coffee maker, tea thermos, grinder, and so on. These are the things you hardly clean thoroughly which gradually damages the inside layer. So, it is recommended to follow a scheduled thorough cleaning of such appliances like once a week at least when you can use baking soda or vinegar type stuff for proper cleaning. For grinder and related appliances, you can use a wet cloth and soap solution to clean them.

Too Much Stacking in Refrigerator

Generally, people do not see vent points in their refrigerators and stack them to the fullest of available space. And then they come up with complains after few days that water is dripping inside and near vegetable box area or from back of refrigerator. This will end up going for refrigerator repair Alexandria as only solution since you have already damaged it quite a lot. So in order to stay away from this situation, it is best to be careful while stacking your refrigerator and keep all vent points open.

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