6 Things To Know Before Installing Vinyl Pools

Having a pool in your house alone is exciting enough. But if you choose to install a vinyl pool, things get a bit more exciting. Apart from the maintenance and hefty costs including the materials and in ground pool builders cost, there are several things you need to consider before getting a vinyl pool installed. You need to be ready for a big change and that is why we are going to discuss some important considerations so that you know what you are stepping into.

Vinyl Pools Can Take 3 To 6 Weeks To Build

Vinyl pools can take somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks to build. Although that is not long as compared to concrete, pools that take months to build but still you need to consider the time duration. The reason being that if you are with your family, loud noise from machinery and workers talking to each other can disturb the peace and privacy.

It Might Not Be Pet Friendly

Pet animals like dogs and cats etc. all have claws and vinyl does not work well with claws. Mind you that once the vinyl has been installed, it becomes quite difficult to replace or repair it since the water needs to be removed and the pool is refilled again. Therefore, if you have a pet animal or animals with claws, the pool-liner can easily tear. With that being said, even human toenails can damage it as well. Therefore, if you plan on swimming with your pet, you might want to consider a fiberglass or concrete pool.

A Salt System Might Not Be An Option

If you plan on opting for a salt system, know that it will only be compatible if the pool has polymer wall panels. If the swimming pool walls are made of metal, it can easily corrode and rust, if you were to use the salt-chlorine generator to sanitize the pool. Therefore, it is better to steer away from salt water pools if your pool has metal installed.

It Is Not A DIY Project

Although you might have thought that building a vinyl swimming pool is not a complicated job and is something you can do on your own, you are wrong. As compared to concrete and fiberglass swimming pools, vinyl pools are easy to maintain and build but not if you are an amateur and have not experienced a project like this before. The reason being that you will be buying expensive equipment and you cannot play around with them. During the construction process, a lot of problems will arise and a professional builder will know exactly what to do with them. If you still plan on doing it on your own, make sure to do plenty of research and consult some professional builders.

You Will Need To Change The Pool Liner

Vinyl pools require fresh liners every 4 to 8 years or sooner depending on the intensity and type of damage. Furthermore, pool liners are expensive and can cost you somewhere around $4,500 on average each time. Therefore, if your pool is getting damaged every now and then, you might have to spend quite a lot of money to maintain it.

The Pool Liner Can Wrinkle And Float

Another downside you can say about vinyl pool liner is that although wrinkles are pretty common, it is not easy to get them out. Not only does it make your pool look ugly but also catches algae, which makes it even harder to maintain the pool. Usually, a floating liner and bad pool chemistry are the real culprits behind liner wrinkles.

If the water at ground level rises too high, it pushes the liner up and causes it to float. And once the water level comes down, it goes out of place with wrinkles all over. In some cases, the vinyl may also absorb water, which makes it even more difficult to replace. However, wrinkles develop over time since it is a normal occurrence no matter how careful you are.

Final Word

As you can see, a vinyl pool has its charm but you will need to be careful around it. Decide if you are able to spend a huge amount of time and money getting it repaired each time from pool contractors . And if you have pets, you need to give the above-mentioned tips a thorough read. lagrass

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