What Are The Different Styles Of Outdoor Decks

Outdoor decks are built in backyards and gardens. They can serve many purposes and are popular due to this reason. If you’re considering going to deck contractors for decking, you should know about the common deck styles and their uses.

Decking Styles

Attached Decks

These are the most commons of decks you may see. Attached decks are connected to the structure of the house and are at the ground level. However, they can be multi-level as well. Attached decks are usually on the same level as the house and appear as a wooden extension of the house.

There is, usually, a door that opens directly from the house to the outdoor deck for easy access to the deck for entertainment or relaxation.

Attached decks are considered durable and strong because they are anchored to the house. But keep in mind that a ledger board is anchored to the house for laying an attached deck. This means they are considered a structural home addition so you should follow the building codes in your state.

Detached Decks Or Platform Decks

The exact opposite of attached decks is detached decks. They are also called platform decks, floating decks, and island decks.

Platform decks can be anywhere in the yard on the ground level. As they are not attached to the house, usually, there is also a pathway from the house to the deck.

A huge advantage of laying platform decks is that they can be built without footings that are commonly required for decking. Due to this, detached decks are easier to build for DIYers. Moreover, you don’t need a permit to lay a platform deck in most communities.

There are many good things going for platform decks because they are also preferred over patios if the ground is uneven. However, you will need traditional footings and posts.

Detached decks are cheaper than attached decks but they require maintenance because they are more prone to moisture than elevated decks. As attached decks are commonly elevated, island decks need more maintenance than attached decks.

Wraparound Decks

They are decks that are wrapped around the house connecting many sides of the house. There are multiple entry points from the house to the deck. Wraparound decks are considered large attached decks. Moreover, they also resemble a wraparound porch but they are different because they are elevated and their size & shape are uneven.

Wraparound decks can extend the living space from the house to the outdoors. However, they are mostly narrower compared to ground-level attached decks. This is owed to the fact that wraparound decks are elevated. They also cost more than attached and detached decks.

Multi-Level Decks

They are also called two-story decks. There are two deck levels connected by stairs. Multi-level decks are built in houses that have more space to accommodate the large nature of these decks.

Two-story decks are also useful if the backyard of your house is sloped, rocky, or difficult for a traditional attached or detached deck. These decks add visual appeal because of the different levels and unique appearance. You can also maximize your space even if it’s uneven and not favorable for building patios or other types of decks.

Additionally, multi-level decks add uniqueness to your backyard and save you money because if you consider leveling the place for a patio or deck, it will cost you more money. However, they are still the most expensive decking style considering the land for all the decks is flat. Moreover, they must be built by a contractor.

Swimming Pool Decks

Decks are common around swimming pools because they are slip-resistant. Moreover, decking is useful to resist the heat of the sun as well. Patio materials like stone and concrete fare well against water but they become hot due to sun exposure and pose a problem for swimmers who walk barefoot on them. However, swimming pool decks solve this problem as well.

However, decking near pools requires more maintenance because real wood can be damaged by moisture. You need to apply a deck sealant regularly.

To fight moisture, you can use composite decking because it’s costlier than other decking materials.

Pool decks can be used for above-ground pools as well making the pool appear in-ground increasing the appeal of the pool. This can make pool access easier as well.

The construction of pool decks is difficult. However, for the above-ground pool, it should only be done by a pool house builder Port Jefferson because it requires footings, posts, and an understructure for the required elevation. Moreover, if you’re going with real wood, the lifespan will be shorter than patio materials.

Rooftop Decks

A rooftop deck is also called an over-garage deck. This type of decking style is possible if you have a flat roof on your garage. You can utilize the wasted space on the roof and make it a deck for enjoying the outdoors.

Rooftop decks are also preferred by people who don’t want to add a patio or deck in the backyard or already have a deck or patio there.

Before looking for designs of rooftop decks, you should consult a professional who should ensure that the space is stable enough to support a deck.

Moreover, building a rooftop deck, you should consider composite decking for added durability and low maintenance. They cost more than ground-floor decking except for multi-level decks.

Side Yard Decks

They are small or narrow decks in a yard. Side yard decks can be attached or detached, but they are typically smaller than traditional attached or detached decks.

You can make a small unused space in the backyard useful with a side yard. They cost less than full-sized decks and are also easy to build by yourself. They can be flat or anchored.

Entryway Decks

These are constructed in the entryway and can improve it to a great extent. Entryway decks let you utilize your home’s front end similar to a front porch. However, an entryway deck doesn’t have a full enclosure like a front porch.

You can build an entryway deck as a series of steps to your home and improve the curb appeal. When laying entryway decking, select a design that complements your home’s design so they appear that both were made as a whole at the same time.

They are less costly than many paving options, but they need more maintenance than pavers. Moreover, their lifespan is shorter than many paving materials.

Therefore, you should construct an entryway deck if you like to incorporate wood and can keep up with the maintenance otherwise, the better option is pouring concrete or other similar materials.

Colonial Decks

They use colonial architectural elements in the design of the deck. You will see symmetrical patterns, white railing, and spindles. Some colonial decks also include pergolas and benches for a grand appearance.

They require an expert for the construction for incorporating the colonial design elements correctly and ensuring a grand appearance. They cost more than other styles and also require a large backyard area.


You can choose a decking style that suits your preferences and backyard space. The most common style is an attached deck. Hire deck builders Port Jefferson Station for the construction of a deck on your property as they ensure proper installation with the customizations you want.

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