What Is The Difference Between A Divorce And Dissolution Of Marriage

Divorce and dissolution may sound like the same thing, but family lawyers will assist in knowing that they aren’t by a long shot. Here is everything you need to know about divorce and dissolution of a marriage and the differences between them.


There Is Fault In The Parties

One of the first things you get asked when you file for a divorce is a cause. There is always an underlying cause that is pushing you or your spouse to get a divorce. It may be anything, from infidelity to abuse of any kind, prevention of basic rights, and more.

This is the main thing that will lead to your team building a case for you. The stronger the evidence and the claim, the more you will be favored in court. The defendant party will have to prove otherwise if they want to get out of this unscathed.

Legal Teams Have To Be Involved

A divorce needs to be done in the company of legal teams. Especially with things like claims and faults, you will need a lawyer to help you make the right decisions during this time. If the two of you are not on good terms, then it’s never a good thing to try and “talk it out”. This is only going to lead to more problems.

So, it’s better to let the lawyers do the technical work for you. Yes, it is going to be expensive, but it’s for the best, especially if you have no idea how to go about these things.

Can Lead To Messy Outcomes

This is something that is inevitable in most cases. As much as you want to keep a divorce amicable, it will lead to some messy outcomes. This is going to happen, especially if you bring in strong claims like abuse and cheating as the reason for divorce.

It’s not a good idea to keep these things alleged and bring forward proof of these allegations, because you want to be safe from all kinds of judgments. If you have proof, then it will be easy for you and the other party can take all of the blame and judgment.

Marriage Dissolution

Considered An Amicable Separation

This is also considered a no-fault divorce. While this is also a legal ending of a marriage, there is no ground or reason that needs to be stated as a trigger for the dissolution of the marriage. This is done when both partners are civil with each other and don’t want any unwanted drama in their respective lives. They just don’t want to live together anymore and this is the best for both of them. It is probably the best and stress-free way of ending a marriage legally.

You Don’t Need To Go To Court

Dissolution of marriages doesn’t usually involve any legal teams or court. Since the two of you are not fighting over a claim or reason, there is no need to bring a lawyer into the mix. You will get out of this situation without having to spend a fortune on lawyer fees and such.

It is also a very less time-consuming process and it takes less than a month for things to be finalized and you two can go your separate ways, without damaging the other person, financially, emotionally, and mentally. This is a good way to go about the end of a marriage if you two are on friendly terms.

A Civil Separation

Since there is no dirt on the other person, this is considered to be a mess-free procedure for ending a marriage. For this to happen, you and your partner need to be mature enough to not act with volatility and haste.

It’s better to talk these things out first, figure out who’s going to get the kids and how much support one is going to get and the paperwork can be done and assets can be distributed among the two partners as planned.


It’s good to have knowledge about these things because it makes you aware of the different kinds of separations between couples and relationships. Get in touch with an uncontested divorce attorney to end your marriage quickly and cheaply.

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