Divorce Lawyers: 5 Things You Should Know When Going Through A Divorce

Is this the first time you are going through a divorce? There are plenty of things you should know about as given by divorce lawyers. Here are some of these things:

Be certain that you want a divorce

Divorce isn’t something that you wake up one day and decide that you want it. You need to think about it. Before you make the decision that you want to be divorced, you should ask yourself whether it’s the last resort. Have you exhausted all hope of reconciliation?

If you have tried everything and your partner doesn’t want to get back with you, you should now go ahead and file for divorce. You should note that you can’t go back on your decision. Once you have served your partner with the divorce papers, the judge can go ahead and grant the divorce even if you don’t want it.

Before you pull the trigger that you want a divorce, you need to first have a sitting with your spouse and find out whether you can resolve your issues and get back together.

Don’t rush to court

To many people, the idea of a divorce is going to court and letting the judge make a decision. While the court is an effective institution, it should be your last resort. This is because the court process is often expensive and time-consuming.

If you have tried resolving your issues without success, you should find a mediator, preferable a divorce attorney who will listen to your issues and help you in reaching an agreement on child custody, share of property, spousal support, and other issues that might come up.

The mediation way is cheaper, faster, and not as emotional as the court option. It’s only after you have failed to agree in the mediations that you should go ahead and file your case in court.

Determine your child custody goals

Different people have different goals when it comes to child custody. Some want sole custody while others are comfortable with shared custody. You need to determine your goals before you go ahead with the divorce.

Regardless of the type of custody that you are looking for, you need to show that you are interested in being in the child’s life and you make a good parent. This calls for you to compile documents that show that you are involved with the child. This might include the school fees receipts, vacation photos, and any other evidence that shows that you make a great parent.

Get a divorce attorney

While you don’t need a divorce attorney when you are going through a divorce, he/she is necessary if you have done it before or your spouse has a lawyer. You will definitely be at a disadvantage when you don’t have a lawyer when your former partner has one.

When you are hiring the attorney, ensure that he/she is certified and has been around for a long time. It’s also wise to go for someone with a great personality who will make the journey worthwhile.

Many people go for the cheapest attorney that they come across. Don’t do this. You should note that the quality of the attorney is as good as the services that you will receive; therefore, you shouldn’t expect good quality services from a cheap lawyer.

Most of the cheap lawyers are inexperienced and in most cases, don’t know what they are doing.

For you to increase your chances are winning your case and getting what you are looking for, you should be honest with the attorney. When you are discussing your marriage issues, be as frank as possible. Don’t hide anything.

Don’t expect to win child custody because you are a woman

Decades ago, women were the ones that were awarded custody of the children while the men were given visitation rights. This is no longer the case. The fact that you are a woman doesn’t mean that you will be automatically be given sole custody of the children—you need to prove that you are a better parent and you want to be in their lives.

Child support lawyers Fairfax VA advise that even if you are a man you should go ahead and file for sole custody if you feel that you will give your children a better life.

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