What Are The Most Common Central Heating Issues And Their Solutions

For the people living in northern parts and other regions of the world where it gets really cold in the winter, central heating system is one of the most important things to keep their houses livable in the extreme winter. Good homeowners always make sure that their central heating system is working properly. That’s why they use heat pump repair services for maintenance and repair of their heating system.

Here are some of the most common issues that your heating system might face at some point. You can easily point out the error and get the system serviced before the cold weather begins.

System Won’t Turn Off

Some people complain that their central heating system is constantly blowing out hot air instead of stopping at a certain temperature. If this is the problem you’re facing right now, see whether your heating system is set on “auto” or “On”. There is a basic difference between these two settings. In auto, the system will automatically turn on when it’s cold inside, and will go off when a reasonably warm temperature is achieved. On the other hand, a system on the “On” setting wound never go off until you switch it off by yourself.

So, do check out if there is anything that you need to change the settings before panicking. However, if changing the settings isn’t working either, then it might be due to a broken thermostat etc. Contact a professional to get help in such scenario.

House Isn’t Heated Equally

A perfectly working central heating system should be able to heat all the areas of your house evenly. However, if you’re witnessing uneven heating in different parts of your house, there might be something wrong with your heating system whether it’s furnace or heat pump.

The most common cause of this problem is usually the air filter of your heating system, a problem with your ducts or even the motor. Air filter is usually easier to change, and you can do it by yourself. However, if this doesn’t seem to help the situation, call an expert central heating service provider to detect the real problem.

System Blows Out Unheated Air

As is expected from it, a good central heating system should be able to easily warm up the inside of your house in a certain amount of time. However, during to leaking ducts or any other reason, the temperature of the air might start decreasing, causing the system to blow out unheated air. There might be certain problems with the system in this scenario.

  1. First of all, check if the thermostat is set to an appropriate temperature. A good practice is to check the interior temperature of your house, and set five degrees higher on the thermostat to get a nice warm indoors. Set the thermostat settings to “Auto” to help it adjust according to the changing temperature throughout the day.
  2. The second thing that needs to be checked in the case of any performance decline is the air filter. Remember that the air filter should be changed every three months to keep your central heating system working properly. This is because the air filter accumulates dust and causes the heating efficiency of your heating system to decline over time.
  3. Third thing is the pilot flame/light of the heating system. If the system is receiving an appropriate flow of gas, its pilot light should be lit properly, however, a disturbed flow of gas might cause the pilot light to go off more often. This is a thing that you shouldn’t attempt to repair by yourself. Instead, hire an expert to make sure everything stays safe and unharmed.
  4. Do you use any type of fuel like gas, oil or wood in your furnace? Then see if its depleted. This can be the reason why your heating system is blowing out cold air.
  5. Lastly, if everything in the furnace is working perfectly, there might be a problem with the ducts of your central heating system. Hire and expert and get the problem detected in this case.

Other Possible Problems

In addition to the common problems mentioned above, there might be other problems that you’ll need to get diagnosed and fixed by HVAC companies Falls Church as soon as possible. They include faulty fans, dust inside the heating system, burning smell coming out of the system and high fuel consumption. Some of these problems can be fixed by the homeowner, while others need the assistance of a professional to get repaired.

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