Pros And Cons Of A Brick Patio

Building a patio in your property can be one of the most stressing jobs to do. A design that works for someone might not work that well for someone else. There are certain considerations that you will have to make in order to get a perfect looking patio, first of which is selecting a skilled local patio builder.

Here are some pros and cons of a brick patio.

Con: It Does Not Come With Lots Of Design Options

When you are building a brick patio, you would not have lots of different design options to choose from. There is only a limited number of textures and designs that you can choose from. That is why a brick patio can be a best fit for your older house that already has other brick elements.

The main theme of a brick patio is classic and not modern.

Pro: It’s Durable

Brick patios are known for their durability. They can easily stand up to heavy usage and extended loads. Bricks are already strong when used individually, they are even stronger when interlinked. So, once you invest in a brick patio, it will last you for decades. That is why brick patios are still a favorite choice of homeowners despite being costly to apply.

Con: High Price

Although brick patios are not the most expensive patio material, they still cost a lot of money to get installed. There are lots of alternatives to brick patios available at a lower price.

The cost of a brick patio does not only include the price of bricks, but also the price of sand and other helping stuff that is needed for a proper installation. You can DIY this brick patio project to save some money, but for a cleaner installation, you can hire the professionals. There are different things that will increase the price of your brick patio.

Pro: Easy Maintenance And Repair

Although Brick patios are very durable, they still keep wearing with time. Water and sunlight is the main reason behind the deterioration of a brick patio. However, with proper maintenance and timely repairs, you can expect to get over 25 years out of your brick patio.

Maintenance of a brick patio is usually easy. You can do it simply by using a pressure washer to wash the patio thoroughly at least once or twice a year. This will help a lot in cleaning any stains and marks from the patio.

You should also keep removing the weeds from between the bricks as they always keep growing. Right after making a brick patio, you should let it dry for a while. See if the patio is a loose fit, and sprinkle more and on it to make the bricks fit tightly. Seal the bricks like this after washing them properly. That is how you can easily repair and maintain your brick patio.

Con: Difficult Installation

Most of the homeowners these days look for projects that they can DIY. This surely allows them to save a lot of money that they would otherwise pay to a service provider.

Brick patio is also a project that you can DIY. But it requires a lot of skill and hard work to install a brick patio. Any small mistake in the patio installation process can cause the full structure to fail, and the end results will vary as well.

So, it is your best bet to hire a professional brick patio installation service if you want your patio to look perfect. This might cost you a bit more money, but this is a long time investment, and you do not want to hold back on any important point just to save some bucks.

Pro: It’s Recyclable

Brick patios are known to last for decades. Many old houses still have them, and even the classic new houses have brick patios that add to their glory and beauty.

In addition to being beautiful and classic looking, brick patios are also recyclable. That means you can simply disintegrate the patio, and use the bricks anywhere you want.

These were some pros and cons of getting a brick patio in your property. You should consider all of these before going to a patio contractor.

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