Major types of allergy testing techniques

So, are you planning to get allergy testing? In this article, we out together everything that you need to know regarding allergy tests. Chances are that you probably know that your immune system cannot really rest and that is why you have to get an allergy testing in the first place.

Now, you could suffer from various issues. For instance, you could have skin erupts or a scratchy feeling. Regardless of the feelings that you have, allergies are simply a sign of an overactive immune system. This immune system produced immunoglobulin in efforts to protect you.

However, if you have not experienced such a thing before, chances are that you are among those people who do not know what is causing the flare-ups.

Major types of allergy testing

There are three main categories of allergy testing. These include skin allergy tests, food challenges, and blood tests. In this article, we put together allergy tests and discuss the various types with you.

Skin tests

Perhaps the most popular method of testing for allergies is skin testing. Skin tests are considered as the most painless option. And this type of allergy tests cover arrange of substances that are airborne such as animal dander, pollen, and mites.

Skin Tests come in a number of different types too. For instance, consider the skin prick test. The time for which you will experience symptoms will simply depend on the type of the test. However, the reaction can last for several hours.

Right after the allergy test, you will be expected to take some antihistamine in order to clear your symptoms away. During this time, the doctor records all the testing results and let you know the extent of your allergy.

Patch testing

This type of allergy testing requires you to wear some patches. These patches contain the potential allergens. You must wear them for about 48 hours and then record the reaction of your skin. In this time period the doctor usually advises people to not to shower. Furthermore, you will also be asked to not to do things that result in a lot of sweating. This also includes heavy workout at the gym.

After going back, the doctor will remove the patch and then check the area underneath the patch o check if you have experienced an allergic reaction.

Patch testing is usually performed in order to check the type of issue that might be caused due to a certain allergen. For instance, contact dermatitis is a condition in which the skin become inflamed and itchy. This type of condition is extremely easy to test. Similarly, other reactions such as eczema take a longer time to develop in comparison to contact dermatitis.

Blood testing

In case you have experienced a severe form of allergic reactions, then your doctor may also ask you to get blood testing done. The best benefit of blood testing is that blood tests do not expose allergens to you. This means that there is no risk of a severe allergic reaction.

This is particularly for those who have had a history of severe reactions and are considered to be the most vulnerable lot.


The above mentioned tests are the most common ones that are carried out for allergies. If you suspect that you are suffering from an allergy, chances are that the doctor will carry out one of the following tests.

Now that you know what to expect, be ready with the tests. Make sure that you go to a good allergist Manassas and do not choose a low-end one. This will help you with the best results and allow you to recover much quicker.

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