Ice Cream Storing Guidelines For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Ice cream is one of the most loved desserts in the world. It needs to be stored at a certain temperature to keep it fresh. However, some commercial businesses struggle with maintaining the flavor and texture of the ice cream just because they are not aware of how to store ice cream the right way and ignore commercial freezer repairs. So, let’s look at some ice cream storage guidelines that will help you preserve and serve the best items to the customers.

Keep The Temperature Consistent And Controlled

You should make sure that your freezer or ice cream freezer is working at the right temperature when storing ice cream. Ice cream tends to melt fast and your freezer must maintain a consistent temperature. If ice cream melts and cools down several times, it develops a grainy texture.

The best way to store ice cream in a freezer is by placing it at the back instead of the front. Plus, limit the number of times the freezer is opened. And most importantly, never place hot items inside the freezer. Temperature fluctuations are the biggest enemy of ice cream and can easily make things worse during business hours.

Keep The Air Out

From the outside, ice cream storage containers may all look the same. However, ice cream storage containers tend to be different from regular plastic containers as they are specifically made for storing ice cream. That is why Tupperware is a common choice for storing ice cream.

And if there comes a need to serve the ice cream, the rest should be covered with a layer of plastic wrap to prevent the formation of large ice crystals.

Prevent Ice Cream Flavors From Mixing

One of the most common problems with storing ice cream is that commercial restaurants store other frozen items that can mix with the ice cream. As a result, the entire flavor is changed. The last thing you would want is to serve your customer an ice cream that smells and tastes totally different from what it actually is.

Get The Right Freezer

If you own a commercial business, especially one that specializes in ice cream you should know that commercial freezers are a lot different than regular household freezers. Commercial freezers are specifically made to store hundreds of food items at the same time.

Moreover, they also come with a variety of different features and built quality to match the needs and demands of the businesses. These are some of the reasons commercial refrigerators are expensive as well. Therefore, if you intend to store large amounts of ice cream, you should opt for the right type, made for storing frozen items.

The Temperature For Ice Cream Storage

Storing ice cream in a freezer and storing ice cream for display are two different things. If you are storing ice cream for later use, keep in mind the ideal temperature is -10 degrees Fahrenheit and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Stored ice cream should always be hard to touch.

On the other hand, if you intend to sell ice cream, the temperature could fluctuate between 0 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This is only when the ice cream is selling out quickly. However, if the products are moving out a bit slower, then the ideal temperature can range between -10 to O degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to that, if you are storing leftover ice cream, you should wrap it in plastic to keep it fresh. Always make sure the temperature is consistent and never drops below the red zone.

Regularly Maintain Your Freezer

Since commercial freezers work round the clock to keep the ice cream fresh, it is important that they are maintained and looked after by experts. If not, the freezers won’t be able to perform at their optimum and will lead to temperature fluctuations. This can be damaging for your business if any of the freezers fail to function during rush hour.

Final Word

Storing commercial ice cream should not be a problem if you follow the required guidelines and tips. All you need to do is maintain the right temperature. And plus, schedule expert maintenance from an ice cream freezer repair technician to prevent the freezers from running into problems. topac

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