A simple corporate event planning guide for you

If you are new to corporate event planning, this guide will take you through all the things you need to know about it step by step. Start by deciding the purpose your event will serve and talk to a corporate tent rentals company beforehand. Once that is done, develop a suitable timeline to make sure you are going on the right path.

Planning a simple corporate event

Here is how you can plan a corporate event.

The budget

Make a list of everything you need in your event, such as venues, staff, photographer, catering, transportation etc. This will give you an estimated idea of how much budget you need for your corporate event. Set up different funds for each of the decided categories. If possible, look for event sponsors too. Save more money than the actual amount required in the budget.

This is because you can encounter unexpected expenses that you would need to pay for. You do not want to compromise on any aspect of the event because of these expenses. Therefore, keep your budget flexible.

The venue

Finding a venue is one of the main jobs you need to do for your event. You need to find a venue that fulfills all your requirements. A venue should be able to accommodate the number of people you are expecting at your event. It should also be within your budget and offer all the facilities that you need. Moreover, if you require event tents the venue should provide it as well. Find the venue earlier so that you find your desired venue. Most venues will get booked if you wait for too long.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are very important for any corporate event. They can engage the audience and make the event more interesting. Guest speakers can be anyone, from motivational speakers to celebrities or someone from your industry. When finding a guest speaker, you need to make sure of some things. Guest speakers often charge for speaking at an event, so make sure they are within your budget. Hiring a guest speaker who has a reach is beneficial for your event as they can promote your event to their audience.

A speaker who has some knowledge related to the event you are planning can engage the audience in a better way. Ask different people for recommendations and check similar events and their guest speakers. Make sure that you have the equipment the guest speaker requires for his or her speech. You do not only want to leave an impression on your attendees but also on the guest speaker you invited.

Food and catering

Sometimes the venues have contracts with certain catering and tents rental companies. You have an option to choose that catering company or another. However, choosing the catering companies partnered with your chosen venue provides you various benefits. They not only offer discounts but also know the venue well enough to offer good quality services.

As for the food, buffet works best for events. People not only get a wide variety of foods to choose from but also enjoy their breakfast this way. Light food choices are great as they do not leave the attendees fatigued. You also need to incorporate snack breaks during the event. You can add lunch breaks if you want.

However, formal dinners are mostly organized on only one of the days of the events. The rest of the days, people are left on their own so they can make dinner plans.


Your event planning includes these basic things. With that, you should also promote your event and include some post event things such as surveys etc. Getting quotes from an event rentals Rockland NY company beforehand can help you a big deal. Lastly, following the above steps will help you organize a great event that people will always remember.

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