How To Maintain An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are considered one of the most efficient appliances for cooking food.  The electromagnetic system in them uses less power and generates heat quickly. As they are expensive equipment and cooktop repair is costly, caring for them should be a priority. Keep reading to know how to care for your induction cooktop.

Don’t Touch The Cooktop Surface When In Use

In induction cooktops, the heat is transferred to the cookware directly as there are no flames involved. It’s advertised that induction cooktops are cool to the touch, but it’s not entirely true. Keep in mind that these cooktops can be warm or even hot to the touch, so avoid putting bare hands on the cooktop when in use.

Use Proper Cookware

Induction cooktops can’t heat any material. So, you can only use cookware that is compatible with induction cooking. Not only that, using the recommended materials out of the compatible materials is better because the recommended materials cause the least number of scratches on the surface of the cooktop while cooking.

The recommended materials for induction cooking are stainless steel and enameled cookware. Moreover, materials like aluminum, copper, glass, and ceramic are not compatible.

For checking if your pot can be used on the induction cooktop, put a magnet on it. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot, this means the material is ferromagnetic and usable for induction cooking.

Turn Off The Cooktop Before Cleaning

Some homeowners think that induction cooktops don’t have a warm or hot surface so they can be cleaned without turning them off. But our suggestion is to turn the range off before cleaning to avoid accidental burns because if you’re wearing a metallic watch or bracelet, it can heat up and cause accidental burns.

Use Vinegar For Daily Cleaning

A few sprays of vinegar and a soft cloth can keep your cooking appliance clean. For this, make sure to wipe the cooktop down after every use to ensure no difficult stains are left. Furthermore, for cleaning grease, oil, and food stains, consider using a ceramic cleaner.

Moreover, immediate cleaning is important for sugary spills as they can permanently stain the surface. So, turn off the cooktop and clean the spill.

Cleaning A Messy Induction Cooktop

Take a razor and use it gently for scraping off. Keep the angle at 45 degrees and never use a razor that’s bent or chipped. Plus, avoid scratching the cooktop with the razor. If using a razor is difficult, then try a method that doesn’t involve a metallic object.

Afterward, squirt one teaspoon of a ceramic cooktop cleaner on the surface and use a soft cloth to spread the cleaner on the whole cooktop. Take another damp, clean cloth to wipe the cooktop surface clean. Later, introduce a dry cloth to avoid a wet cooktop.

Don’t Use Glass Cleaners

Induction cooktops’ surfaces look like glass so many homeowners consider using a glass cleaner, but it’s not the right option. In fact, ammonia present in glass cleaners can permanently stain your induction cooktop. Furthermore, avoid chlorine-based cleaners as well. For daily cleaning, white vinegar is the correct cleaner.

Avoid Using Harsh Tools And Chemicals

Metallic scrubbers, abrasive cloths, and similar harsh tools for cleaning can scratch the cooktop surface. Make it a habit to only use a soft cloth for cleaning. Moreover, as mentioned above, avoid using ammonia and chlorine-based cleaners.

Don’t Drag The Cookware On The Cooktop

If you don’t want your induction cooktop to show hundreds of scratches when looked at from certain angles, the first rule to keep in mind is to use flat cookware and never drag it on the cooktop’s surface. To change the location of pots, lift them and place them carefully on the exact spot.

Using cookware with rough or uneven bottoms will scratch your cooktop in no time. Moreover, use a ceramic cleaner after every use to clean the food particles on the cooktop which usually lead to scratches if not cleaned quickly.


Caring for and maintaining induction cooktops can keep them new and in optimum condition for years. Make sure to use the right cookware and cleaning tools. But if the cooktop stops working or not heating up, get in touch with an appliance repair Fairfax technician to inspect the cooktop.

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