When should you cut a tree?

Tree pruning is a very popular method of cutting a tree, and companies who cut them down often refer to themselves as tree surgeons. Usually, tree removal companies will suggest you prune the trees regularly in order to maintain their appearance and safety properly. However, in order to cut a tree in such a way so that it does not result in any damages is important. In this regard, chances are that you will need the help of an expert anyway. A layman cannot really understand the intricacies involved here and the complex techniques that are used.

However, chances are that you will have a large number of questions in your head. How is a tree pruned, when should you prune it, and whom should you hire? These are just natural questions that will arise in your mind, in case you have not used a tree pruning service before. By relying on a good tree removal company for pruning the tree, you will avoid damaging it and shortening its life. This is because an expert will cut it in a way so as to promote healthy growth, rather than reducing its life.

Why is it important to prune trees?

There are a big number of reasons why it is important to prune trees regularly. First of all, regular pruning assist in the maintenance of good appearance and health of the tree. Moreover, by pruning a tree, all the dead branches along with the crowded and rubbing limbs will be removed. Sometimes trees also have to be removed because they have been infested with termites. As a result of this, the tree will not remain a hazard for you and others around you. Furthermore, it will also reduce the risk of the tree falling down and causing harm to your property. Simply put, these are the few reasons that indicate why pruning trees regularly is so important?

But when should you prune them?

In order to get rid of the diseased tree branches or week branches, you can get your trees pruned at any time of the year. There is not much harm that will be done to the tree in case you hire experienced people to carry this task out. Basically, it is advised to prune trees before the start of the spring season. This is because in spring season, there is usually a flush of growth as a result of which the tree tends to grow faster. Moreover, during this season, the tree is likely to close up its wounds. This is the prime reason why many people get their trees pruned in winter or late autumn, at a time when the tree is in a dormant state.

When should you not prune a tree?

Right after the growth flush occurs in the spring season, it is not recommended to prune a tree. This is primarily because the tree would have used big amount of energy just recently. As a result of this, this will put the tree under great stress. This is why a big number of trees end up sapping if they are pruned early in the spring season. While does not really harm the tree in true sense, it can totally ruin the tree’s appearance. Hence, they will not remain a treat to watch anymore.


Now that you have all the basic information regarding tree pruning, it is very important for you to reach out to arborist services Montgomery County before the spring season begins. While it is not necessary, but as mentioned above, it is generally preferable to prune the trees before spring season. Again, this is primarily due to the spring growth flush in the tree. Best of luck!

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