How To Fix A Slow Sink Drain

A slow drain is a common problem and one that can be fixed easily at home without having a drain cleaning service for help as it is an early stage of a clogged drain. A slow draining sink is a semi clog.

A slow sink drain means that a clog has begun to form and it can be due to many reasons. This is mostly common in a kitchen and bathroom sink because of daily usage. Soap scum, hair, shaving foam, greasy hair and face products and other debris can all accumulate to form a clog which then interferes with the water draining in the sink and makes it slow. So, by the time you are brushing your teeth, the dirty water fills up with bubbles of your spit and tooth paste and you hate cleaning your face in this dirty water. Here is how to fix it!

Clean The Plug Or Stopper

The plug or the stopper of the sink usually catches all the scum and hair in it and it may be one reason that the drain is slow. You simply need to pull the plug and clean it off all the hair and scum. In modern sinks the plug is attached with a nut behind the sink, which you can simply unscrew and detach. Take it out, clean it thoroughly and then fix it back again.

Use A Drain Snake Or A Zip It Tool

The drain snake and a zip it tool are different tools but serve the same purpose. The drain snake is curved and spiral and the end so that it catches all the debris and hair in it while the zip it tool is also a thin rod with hole in the end. The hair and all the debris can get stuck in the sides. You can put a drain snake or the zip it tool inside till you feel an obstruction or a clog and then entangle it around the ends and pull it quickly so that all the scum and debris comes along with it.


This is a very easy way. Plunging can solve the most of the basic level clogged drain problems including a slow sink drain. Plunging creates an air pressure which causes the debris and hair to fall down by the pressure and hence the clog is cleared. To make sure this is effective, you should seal the overflow with a tape and then plunge for a few times.

Homemade Cleaning Agent

A slow sink drain can be cured by a homemade cleaning agent. No need to buy over the counter cleaning chemicals. You need to pour 1 cup of baking soda in your sink drain and leave it for 15 minute, then pour 1 cup of vinegar in the sink and let the mixture chemically react. The reaction will cause the clog to melt down. After half an hour pour a kettle full of hot, boiling water to flush everything down the drain.

Clear The Overflow Of The Sink

The purpose of the overflow is to pass the air inside the drain and cause the water to drain faster. The overflow can also get clogged with soap scum, debris and hair and can be a reason for a slow draining sink. So you need to check the overflow and clean it well. You can also pour hot water down the overflow to clear it of any debris.

Clean The P-Trap

The P Trap is a small curved pipe under the sink. It collects a small water body to prevent the sewerage water from backing up your sinks and home. But, it is also famous for collecting small foreign objects such as small rings, soap pieces and small toys. Stop the water first and then unscrew the pipe. Check the pipe and clean it thoroughly. Then screw it back again. When you unscrew, remember to put an empty bucket underneath to collect water.

These were simple home remedies to solve slow draining sink water. However, if the problem increases or persists then call in a drain contractor Dutchess County. They will inspect the drain pipes with a camera and find the cause of the clog. They may even use hydrojetting among other methods to clean the clogs.

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