How To Deal With Anxiety And Depression During Divorce

Divorce is a tough process, which drains you completely; mentally, physically and financially. One part of a divorce is anxiety and depression. Even if you were the one seeking divorce and contacted the divorce attorney first, you may still experience depression and anxiety.

If you are experiencing severe mood swings, crying due to no specific reason, getting angry at everyone around you, feeling like beating the shit out of anyone nearby you or feeling that every single person out there is happy and content but not you, then you are officially depressed and need help. Even if you hated your ex-spouse to the point of divorce, the smallest part of your heart still lingers and yearns for the companionship you once had with your spouse, you long for the togetherness for a partner that you do not want to accept so the result is depression. However, depression is not incurable and can be easily dealt with if you follow the steps listed below.

Start Moving

Depression can be aggravated with sitting idle and staying at one place. Staying in your room only will further make you depressed and sad. You need to get up and move. By movement I do not mean to just pace around your home, but get out of the house even if it is just to buy milk and eggs or take a small stroll in the park. The sunlight, the voices of people and birds around, and the fresh air will lift up your mood. Depression and anxiety lessens with time if you allow yourself to forget your past.

Seek Help

Once you start to move, then you should also seek help from a therapist. Talking to a professional will help you to forget and accept your past and whatever torture you have gone through. Speaking about it in detail to the therapist will also clear your mind and release all the heaviness inside you.


Take antidepressants prescribed by your therapist religiously. They are made and given for a reason. Taking too little or too much will have side effects.

Connect With Yourself

You need to spend time with yourself and think about yourself. You are worthy enough, your life is important. You need to ask yourself why you filed for the divorce or if you were the victim then you need to remind yourself that your ex was not worthy of your love. Listen and console yourself.

Attend To People Around You

You have to get up and better for your loved ones around you. If you have kids then you have to play the role of both the parents after the divorce. You have to be happy for them whether you get child custody or not. You cannot afford to get them sad and depressed seeing you like this, after all it is the most difficult situation for kids as their little and innocent minds cannot comprehend what is happening. You have to be strong for their sake.

If you do not have children then get well for the sake of your parents, they also get sad seeing you like that. You have to stay happy and content for the people who made you.

Treat Yourself

You deserve a treat after all what you have gone through. Give yourself a luxurious spa treat where you can get pampered and relaxed. Get a haircut, a funky dye, massage, manicure, pedicure and whatever you desire and come out as a new and beautiful person. Watch your favorite movie, get wet on the beach, plan a solo trip to someplace, eat your favorite food at a fancy restaurant or simply do things that you love and make you happy.

Get An Hobby Or A Job

Instead of wasting your time learn something new, such as aerobics or a yoga class. Enroll yourself in something interesting such as web designing, baking course, glass painting or anything that you like. Or if you are working then start your job. This is also an opportunity to meet new people.

Divorce is not the end of your life so why get depressed. Treat it as a beginning of a new and improved chapter in your life and begin it with enthusiasm and happiness. And to the process easier, only hire a top rated divorce lawyer Fairfax VA.

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