How Do I Know If I Need A New Oil Tank

An heating oil tank is designed to last a decade but you should be aware of some signs that indicate you need to connect with HVAC companies for early replacement. Let’s discuss!

How Long Does An Oil Tank Last?

As mentioned previously, oil tanks will generally last a good 10-15 years before needing a replacement, if maintained properly. However, some states recommend that you replace the oil tank approximately every 15 years. This is because even if the heating oil tank has been maintained properly, it will start developing problems after such a long period of time.

If the oil tank happens to develop cracks, it will cause the oil to leak, which will lead to expensive repairs and damage to the environment. Therefore, if you know how old your oil tank is, you should monitor it regularly and plan for replacement at the appropriate time.

In some cases, homeowners do not know the age of their oil tank as it came with the house as they bought it. However, there is no need to panic. Simply call a specialist for oil tank inspection. Having a professional thoroughly inspect the oil tank will let you know of the exact date and any potential problems that need to be fixed.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Heating Oil Tank?

If you own an older oil tank, you will need to keep an eye on it continuously to spot any cracks or leakages. However, then again, the best way to determine if you need a replacement is by scheduling an inspection with an expert. In some cases, there are interior rusts or small cracks inside that are not visible from the outside. If ignored, these cracks can turn into some big ones.

On the other hand, you should have your heating oil tank thoroughly inspected even if it is new. It might be that the previous owner was not so mindful of maintenance and problems. Therefore, to prevent expensive bills down the road, it is better that you clear them beforehand.

Signs That Your Heating Oil Tank Needs Replacement Or Repairs


Rust is the worst of all the enemies. If you have a heating system like oil furnace that runs on oil, then the rust issue is not going to be surprising. Rust can easily clog your oil filter and lines, preventing the system from operating normally.

If you come across one or two spots outside the tank, it might be that there are some more inside. In this case, you will need to open up the oil tank and inspect its interior.


If your heating oil tank is installed above ground and in an area that withstands the worst of extreme weather conditions, there is a greater chance that it has become weakened over time.  In addition to that, you should make sure that it is placed under a shelter to protect it against direct contact with the sun, snow, or rain. If that is not possible, try moving the tank to a new location.

Unprotected Lines

If the connecting lines to the entire heating system seem to be cracked or worn, they will not be able to properly carry the oil. Apart from hindering the furnace’s performance, this might also point towards corresponding parts that need replacement. These lines can also clog over time, which will require a professional cleaning them.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Oil Tank?

If your existing oil tank is experiencing problems, you might be able to fix them if it is relatively new. Sometimes, a thorough clean and inspection can solve most minor problems. However, if your tank is nearing a decade, you should consider replacing it. At the same time, you can wait another five years if it is maintained properly.

Once the tank has reached its maximum lifespan, you should purchase a new one instead of wasting your money on the existing one, as it will keep developing problems.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned information will help you decide if you need a new heating oil tank. If you are still confused about the replacement or repair, you should consult oil tank replacement services huntington who will give you an honest opinion after performing an inspection.

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