Choosing A Patio Expert

Designing your patio is not as simple as decorating your room. Professional patio builders have had years of experience in the business and those who have worked with them as well as those who have witnessed the aftermath of their project are more than pleased to seek for their services again. And that is exactly what you are looking for – the perfect contractor/s that is fit for the job.

After you have done your own research through various websites and have had asked friends and colleagues for recommendations, you have decided to invite several patio professionals over to discuss your vision and their ideas. Their estimate and your budget. Their proposal and your specific requirements. At the end of the day, you are still confused and unsure of the possibility that you might hire or pick the wrong guy.

Now there are tips that will guide you in choosing the right contractor for your patio. This for you to avoid the experience of meeting an unprofessional builder who will just suddenly disappear halfway through the project and never return again. This will not only put your backyard patio on delay but a waste of time and compromised quality.


  1. Do your own phone interview with just a few questions.
  • Observe the way how the contractor introduces him or herself over the phone because that will give you an idea on how they do business in person. This also includes if they professionally answer the phone or immediately gives you a call back once you leave a message.
  • During the conversation, ask the following questions:
    • “How long have you been a contractor?”
    • “How many patio or backyard projects similar to mine have you completed?”
    • “Are you a licensed contractor?”

Technically, these 3 basic questions can be easily answered by a good contractor, but if you notice them avoiding or giving you the run-around answers, politely thank them, hang up, and proceed to the next guy or girl on your list.

  1. Have at least three prospect contractors on your notes.
  • Although your personal referrals are potentially fitting, you can also consider the recommendation from friends, relatives, and even from the Internet. Don’t just finalize your thoughts on the first person you have interviewed because you have to conduct a comparison when it comes to their professionalism, work styles and ethics, and most especially, personality.
  • When it comes to prices and rates, it can vary from a matter of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, still, you have to compare. Their estimates will be based from various points and you should not be deceived by the lowest bidder because more often than not, they are the ones who will likely botch the project. Do not take that risk.
  1. Be hands-on in the hiring process.
  • Hire, at your own risk. Do not rely on anyone to hire the contractor for you, not even your designer or architect. Like what they always say “follow your gut feeling” and always “trust your instincts.” Those two things can help your judgment. Also, you wanted a contractor that you can easily work with, therefore, the decision is all up to you.

If you wanted to find out more about your contractor during the personal interview process, there are more appropriate questions that can help you come up with the best choice as to who will be your backyard patio contractor.


  • Do you have a workman’s comp insurance for the people who work for you?
  • Can you guarantee an insurance just in case something gets broken in my property during the renovation?
  • Are you affiliated with any professional organizations? If yes, can you please state them?
  • Do you have a list of references that I can get in touch with?
  • Can you provide an estimated timeline for this job?
  • How often do you hit your estimated timetable for a certain project?
  • Will you personally visit the site to closely monitor the job?
  • How often do you usually check on the progress of a project?
  • Do you provide regular updates?

There you have it. A few, but helpful guidelines for choosing the best contractor for your patio. Of course, you wanted to entrust your home exterior to someone or a team of experts who can assure you of nothing but the best outcome. The patio contractors are just some of the many trusted and experienced builders who aim to exceed your expectations. lagrass

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