What Are The Reasons For Cracks In Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a popular kitchen countertop material. It has many characteristics that make people choose it over granite and marble. Quartz kitchen countertops are durable but they are still prone to cracking and warping. We will discuss the causes of cracks in quartz countertops.

Putting Hot Pans On The Countertop

Quartz countertops are heat resistant and can withstand heat up to 300 Fahrenheit or 150 Celsius degrees, so putting a coffee mug on the countertop won’t harm it as much (still use a pad), but putting a hot pan you took off the stove on the countertop can stain, discolor, or crack the countertop surface.

Extremely Cold Items

Similar to too hot items, putting extremely cold things on the countertop can also crack it. For instance, if you take out a frozen chicken from the freezer and put it on the countertop, it can contract, warp, or crack the quartz counter. Similar damage will occur if you put ice bags on the countertop.

So, whether you’re using hot or cold things, always use trivets and pads to protect your quartz kitchen island from damage.

Sitting Or Standing On The Countertop

When sitting or standing on a countertop, we may not feel much about our body weight, but the countertop is. The weight of an adult human body is a lot for quartz counters and it can weaken the surface. This makes the countertop susceptible to chips and cracks.

Be careful and never sit or stand on the countertop as people who sat on their quartz counter surface for a very short time also saw cracks or weakening of the surface which led to cracks later.

Putting Too Much Weight On The Countertop

It’s similar to the above point. If you put heavy items on the surface, they will weaken and crack the surface over time. Some heavy objects can even crack the countertop on impact. So, keep a separate area for heavy items in your kitchen and make sure that they are not on the countertop.

Exposure To Sunlight

Quartz countertops are sturdy, but they can’t withstand too much exposure to sunlight. When quartz is continually exposed to sunlight it shows clear signs of discoloration and corrosion which lead to chips and cracks.

Quartz countertops are a reliable choice for indoor kitchens, but if you want a countertop slab for the outdoors, never select quartz.

Heavy Vibrating Appliances

Appliances that are heavy and vibrate during their functioning can crack quartz countertops. Even placing a washing machine in close proximity to quartz countertops can result in a cracked surface.

Hot Appliances

Heavy and vibrating appliances are not the only concern because any appliance that gets too hot when working can affect your quartz counters. So, avoid putting your oven or toaster on the countertop or use a pad under them.

Throwing Sharp Items On The Countertop

Coming home from work and throwing the car keys or house keys on the countertop can result in chips and cracks over time. In fact, tossing anything on the countertop is not suggested. So, avoid tossing plates or bowls on the surface.

All Quartz Countertops Are Not Created Equal

The crack resistance of quartz countertops depends on the quality of the quartz slab you choose and the installation process as well. High-quality quartz will withstand temperature changes and heavy weight more and won’t crack as easily as low-quality countertops.

Therefore, get the highest quality quartz countertops if you don’t want to see cracks in your beautiful countertops.

As mentioned above, quartz countertops can withstand heat up to 300 Fahrenheit and cold temperatures as low as 32 Fahrenheit.

You may find some quartz manufacturers marketing that their quartz can withstand 400 Fahrenheit degrees. Even if you get a quartz surface from them, don’t try to test it. Instead, follow all the precautions recommended for quartz countertops to avoid cracking and warping.


Quartz countertops are durable and are often compared with granite, but they can still crack by putting too hot, cold, and heavy items on the surface. However, if you care for your quartz countertops, they will keep shining without stains, chips, or cracks. When selecting a quartz surface from a quartz countertops dealer Rockville, choose a high-quality one to reduce the risk of cracks.

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