Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss

Hair extensions are still popular and most women like to get hair extensions in salon. Your hair looks longer, healthier, and fuller through hair extensions and you can flaunt your tresses. But the question is can hair extensions lead to hair loss?

Types Of Hair Extensions

Before you jump to any conclusions, let’s get to know about the types of hair extensions available. Celebrities and non-celebrities are opting for hair extensions for their formal gatherings and daily life to make their hair look and feel healthy and beautiful. There are different types of hair extensions that you can choose from.

Clip-On Hair Extensions

This is perhaps the easiest of the hair extensions to use. You just need to clip them under your hair and voila, you are done. You can remove them whenever you want. Great way to add volume to your hair and the best part is they are temporary and cause the least stress to your hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Just as the name says, these extensions are used in your hair near the roots. These extensions are taped themselves and then taped to your hair in line with the roots. These can usually last around four to eight weeks depending on how you take care of them.

Fusion Or Bonded Extensions

These types of hair extensions are joined or glued or bonded in your hair. Sometimes they are joined by glue and sometimes they are bonded to your hair through a keratin compound. In some cases, the extensions are even heated after the application of adhesives. These are also known as semi-permanent hair extensions. They usually last around three to five months depending on how you take care of the extensions.

Sewn-In Hair Extensions

In these types of hair extensions, the crown of your hair is braided into tight cornrows. The wefts of the extensions are then seen into the cornrow braids through needle and thread. This is the most permanent type of hair extension and lasts up to six months.

Are Hair Extensions Causing Women To Lose Their Hair?

Since almost every female is adorning hair extensions, the number one question in your mind would be is this the leading cause of hair loss? Well, the answer is no and yes.

No, hair extensions are not directly proportional to hair loss because they are not attached to your scalp but joined to your hair.

Yes, the tugging and pulling action of the hair extensions and overusing the hair extension, and also not taking proper care of them can lead to a problem known as Traction Alopecia. Your hair extensions are attached to your original hair through tight weaves or bonded by glue. This causes the pulling effect on your scalp and roots. The fake tresses or extensions also add additional weight to your hair increasing the tugging effect. This can lead to traction alopecia, which is a bald patch. The hair completely tears off the hair follicles and is inseparable, which means a permanent bald patch. This has been experienced by many women around the world after wearing hair extensions.

How To Avoid Hair Loss After Using Hair Extensions?

As written earlier, hair extensions are not the direct cause of hair loss, but the action associated with the application of hair extension and not taking care of them can lead to hair loss. Here are ways in which you can avoid hair loss after hair extensions.

  • Do not sleep in your clip-on hair extensions. Clip-on hair extensions are meant to be worn and then removed. Sleeping in them may lead to stress in your hair causing hair loss.
  • Give your hair a break after one hair extension. If you have applied for hair extensions then once you get them removed, do not immediately go for another spell of hair extensions. Your hair needs space to breathe and stay free. Give a break of at least 2 months. Constant pulling and tugging action leads to hair loss.
  • Take care of your hair extensions. Do not over brush them, do not apply a lot of heated tools and products, do not tie them tightly, use proper conditioners and masks, and shampoo less to make sure they last long.
  • Use good quality hair extensions and do not go for cheap ones.

Your hair should be your top priority. Hair extensions or no hair extensions, take good care of your natural hair. And find hair extensions salons Potomac that don’t use hair damaging techniques.

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