Choosing The Right Landscape Lighting

Your patio contractors wanted to create and deliver the best outdoor garden you and every home deserves and part of that is having best landscape lighting. You wouldn’t want to just let the first-rate look of your garden fade by nightfall just because it lacks illumination or you have not thought about it yet. A little flick of a switch can automatically do the trick to brighten up your outdoor area again. Not only will it shed light outdoors, but it’s also the best element that highlights your home’s structural design and pays attention to your beautiful trees and plants.


Almost all outdoor lighting on the market today is a low voltage for safety and quality reason. Compared to the 120-voltage system, current landscape lighting systems are more economical and safer to install. Despite the fact that these low-voltage lightings only receive one-tenth the power – a step-down transformer is responsible for it, it’s limitless to the effects and capacity it can handle, from moonlight lighting focused down from a canopy on a tree to a subtle glare that gently spreads over a garden wall. Outdoor garden furniture and hardware is important, but a promising and attractive landscape lighting is truly artistic.


Here’s how it works:

  • Transformer: a stepped-down transformer decreases a 120-volt to a 12-volts safer for household use.
  • Bulb: responsible for the color, brightness, beam width, and electricity usage.
  • Housing fixtures: capable to protect the bulb from outdoor and unexpected elements and helps the light beam shapes and direction.
  • Stake: responsible for holding the lighting fixture in place.
  • Cable: transmits current to every lighting system via the lead wires of the fixture.


If you have no time or don’t want to be involved in setting up outdoor lighting fixtures, hire an expert and be sure that you are willing to allocate funds for it. But if you wanted to save or is on a budget, get involved and start DIYing your fixtures. You will learn a lot and discover a lot about setting up these kinds of fixtures.

But where should you be placing your lighting system? Here are some interesting points for you:


  • Fixture: Flood, well, downlight, and bullet.
  • If you wanted to highlight the leaves, see to it to that the trunk is also receiving some amount of glow otherwise it might look like floating imagery of a UFO.

Plant Beds

  • Fixture: Garden.
  • Lighting fixtures should be installed with a distance of 20 feet from each other.

Home Façade

  • Fixture: Wash and bullet.
  • Using a 12-degree beam spread fit bullet light bulbs, focus its aim at the corners of the architectural areas of your house. While wash lights can fill in the dark gaps if any.

Garden walls

  • Fixture: Bullet, wash, or flood.
  • Fixtures should be positioned right below the base of the wall to ensure that beams will showcase the texture and design of the area.

Focal Points

  • Fixture: Wash, flood, or bullet.
  • If there is an outdoor décor that deserves to be a subject of attention, highlight it. It could be your tree swing, an arbor, or your garden fountain. Two or more lights are good enough.



  • Used to reflect planting beds and as pathway markers.


  • Used to illuminate garden walls, flat facades, and fences.


  • This fixture is so versatile and flashes out a straight narrow beam. Preferably used to highlight garden structures, house details, and tree trunks and foliage.


  • This fixture should be buried in the ground, which makes it invisible when lighted. It is used to highlight the base of a wall or a façade or even the under part of a tree or plant.


  • Should be installed in high areas like branches, trunks or poles. They are used to shed light to pathways, lawns, or the tree leaves for a moonlight drama.


A fixture with a wider beam that the bullet lighting and has a brighter glaze that the wash fixture. This is used to highlight tall trees, or decors, and a wide angle of your home’s exterior design.

When it comes to outdoor lighting your local patio builders Long Island can do all the works that your garden needs. Because what the use of having it landscaped when you can’t even appreciate how it looks like during the night, right? Outdoor lighting fixtures are made not just to showcase your exterior façade, but it also gives safety and security to you and your entire household.

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