An important decision in your life: how to choose the right college?

Questions about choosing the college are always numerous. Of course, you’re looking for advice of students who are in the same situation as you. The decision was not easy, and it will mark your life for at least the next four to five years.

But how to choose what to study? These are all issues that plague every graduated high school student, and there are several ways how to reach the right answer…

Explore the faculty in which you’re interested

If you have been interested in a certain subject in school – you may want to go on it. Talk to the professor who teaches you, check the website faculty in question, look at how courses are sound, exam literature read a forum of students.

Think about your affinities, qualities, and interests

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Which job would you like to do? It’s okay to dream a little but should be practical in answering to this question. Parents expect of you to keep some direction? Does it make sense and do you see yourself in it? Perhaps it doesn’t sound appealing for you right now to take the job of their parents, but within 30 years you’ll probably think otherwise.

How much do you want to earn?

Do you want a lot of money in your life? If that’s the main motive, it’s not wise to choose some studies and professions in which are heavy to emphasize yourself and which don’t earn a lot (social sciences, humanistic, artistic …). If you want to devote a life to the job in which you enjoy to perform, and it includes such professions that are not paid as much as they should be (teaching, rehabilitation …) then get ready for a lot of working hours, a little less money, and managerial salaries.

What are the most wanted professions in the market? Who is difficult to be employed, and who doesn’t need to wait? If you’re not an idealist and you don’t have the aspiration to become a revolutionary or a person who will change the world, select studies by key of the lightest employment.

And most importantly – stay faithful to yourself and your desires. This decision no matter how difficult it will be, at the end of the story will be all yours and you will have to take the responsibility for it.

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