Unboxing The Keratin Treatment

Perhaps you are one of the many women who has walked in hair salons and was told to get different hair treatments such as Keratin treatment. This is just one of the many hair treatments available in town, but this is also one of the most requested treatments by girls who wanted gorgeous dos. However, what exactly made those hair stylists think that what you need is the keratin solution? Well, if they’ve noticed even just a fraction of frizz on your hair perhaps this is the right treatment for you. At least you would get glossier, shinier, smoother, and fuller hair again.

But is this treatment compatible with every girl’s hair type and texture? Is this the treatment that you really need to get your hair back in shape? Check out the following key points before you jump out of bed and head to your trusted salon.

Should You Say ‘Yes’ To Keratin Treatment?

  1. Know Your Treatment

  • It’s just baffling to experts how people easily interchange the names of salon treatments and it bothers them. So to correct it, the famous Brazilian blowout is the traditional keratin treatment. It’s the treatment that straightens the hair and smoothens the texture of your hair strands. It eliminates frizz and adds shine to your crowning glory.
  1. Understand Your Treatment

  • Here’s what you should understand about your keratin treatment. ALL treatments involve the keratin solution which is why people consider it as “keratin treatment” and here’s where the correction comes in. Keratin is not the superhero of these hair smoothing solutions, it’s actually the other ingredients that plays the main part here.
  • The authentic keratin treatment saturates the hair for 20 minutes with a solution that establishes armor to each strand. Once the entire procedure is done correctly it will straighten your hair texture and will permanently eliminate frizz which can last for three months.
  • On the other hand, the smoothing treatment does not straighten the hair, it treats the hair to keep it smooth and manageable that could last for about four to six months.
  1. Expect Some Chemical Effect

  • As early as now, you have to accept the fact that safe, organic, safe-to-use-straightening-solution DO NOT EXIST. So if you really wanted to give your hair a keratin makeover, be prepared to be treated with different kinds of hair chemicals to get rid of your frizz and straighten your strands. Be ready to be exposed to formaldehyde that will transform your curly hair into a silky-straight hair and other chemicals that may or may not be FDA-approved.
  • You can always go with formaldehyde-free treatments, that’s fine, but just to remind you that formaldehyde is not a solution or an ingredient; it’s a gas-form treatment coming from other chemicals that are exposed to heat. Also, even if you requested a treatment without formaldehyde such as the Brazilian blowout, that special gas may still be present.
  1. Don’t Hate Formaldehyde

  • Although this gas can cause some respiratory problems – if exposed too frequently, it’s the only secret to eliminate your curls and frizz. It’s also what makes the keratin solution so effective. Hold your emotions and fear because health issues will only happen if you’re having the treatment more than 4 times a year, which experts advise to keep treatment minimal. Plus, if the salon is well-ventilated, you’re safe. So hush.
  1. Get Used to Sacrifices

  • So here’s what you need to be prepared for, after getting the keratin smoothing treatment, you cannot touch or wash your hair for three days, and you cannot clip and ponytail it otherwise you will just dent and ruin your treatment. Also, if you have colored hair, expect some minimal fading, it’s a normal effect after the treatment. Although it may also depend on the keratin solution, the process of washing your hair with clarifying shampoo before the actual keratin treatment may contribute to the slight hair color lightening. The purpose of the washing is to eliminate any hair residue prior to the treatment.

Do not get disappointed if you’re still seeing slight waves on your hair even after hours of treatment. It all depends on how strong the formula is, how it was applied and for how long did it stay on your hair, hair texture and flat-iron temperature. There can be a lot of other factors but you can always visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville if worry strikes you. otherwise, just stay positive and have faith at your stylist.

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