5 Everyday Hair Straightening Hacks

Many people opt to visit a Brazilian keratin salon to get their hair straight. The keratin treatment by hair stylists are very much effective and hence, they are popular.

Keratin treatment by hair stylists

However, you don’t have to get treatment at all if you follow these everyday hacks for straightening your hair.

Keep Brushing Your Hair Until There Are Dry

One method that makes your hair straight is that you keep brushing your hair downwards and pulling them until they dry. This is mostly useful for medium to long hair and wavy type hair. The brushing will untangle all your hair and pulling them down gently will give them an extra edge in straightening. Doing this on a regular basis will keep you away from the Brazilian keratin salon to get your hair straight.

Don’t Use a Straightening Iron on Wet Hair

Heat on wet hair doesn’t sound like a very bright idea. The straightening iron is very hot, and water is a good conductor of heat. If necessary steps aren’t taken, your hair can get burnt or should I say, boiled. Carry out the previous step first to dry your wet hair.

Know Your Straighteners

Straightener is essential equipment for anyone who loves to straighten their hair. However, most of the people don’t do research before investing a straightener which leaves them with unsatisfactory results. The type of straighteners varies for many hairstyles such as:

  • For people who have short hair like bangs and pixies, a plate length of the half to one inch is right.
  • For people who have medium hair, length can use one and a quarter inch of plates
  • For wavy haired people, one and a half inch flatiron will work
  • For long and thick haired people, two-inch flatiron is the best

Same is the type of the plates that are used in straighteners such as:

  • Ceramic plates: These plates have lower risks of burning your hair due to even distribution of heat, but they aren’t very durable as the layer can wear out.
  • Titanium plates: Best for people who need to do their hair faster as the titanium plates can heat up very quickly. They have a risk of damaging hair if they are put onto the hair long enough.
  • Tourmaline plates: These plates are ideal ones. They are made of crystalline structure which adds up extra shine and smoothness as you straighten your hair.

Use Heat Resistant Spray

If you’re not interested in straightening your hair through keratin treatment by hair stylist then you may use heating products a lot. The downside of using blow dryers and straightening irons is that heat can damage your hair very quickly and makes them frizzy which can lead to curly hair.

There have been cases where heat products have caused hair to break due to dryness. Using a heat protective spray on your hair before using any of these products will not only protect your hair from heat reaching the cuticle but also adds additional shine as you straighten. There are many heat protective sprays to use which will prevent your hair to get damaged in the heat.

Quick Hair Straightening Hacks

Straightening your hair overnight sounds like a long stretch if it doesn’t involve visiting a Brazilian keratin salon but there are many ways that can make your hair straight in a short span of time depending on the type of hair you have. These sweet hacks can avoid you from going to get the keratin treatment by hair stylist.

One trick is to use hair ties in your damp hair. Part your hair and make two ponytails. Use a hair tie to keep your ponytail in place right in front of the neck. Then use more hair ties with a distance of 2 inches until you reach the bottom. Another and a more popular hack is to tie your damp hair into a bun. This technique usually works with people who have wavy hair and doesn’t require much effort to straighten your hair. Bun up your hair until they dry then undo them and use a brush.

These simple hacks and knowledge will help your hair to keep straight and healthy with no reason for you to visit a Brazilian keratin salon rockville md.

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