10 Questions You Need Answered About FUE Hair Transplantation

If your hair is shedding more than you could ever imagine so now you are considering a hair transplant surgery more specifically an FUE hair transplant then here are a few questions that you need to ask your surgeon about the surgery.

What actually is FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

Follicular unit extraction is a surgical method in which needles are used to extract the hair follicles from the donor site of the body and insert them at the recipient site i.e. the bald side of the body. Special needles are used in this method which extracts the hair follicles without any scratch or cut. The method can be performed either manually or by a machine.

Is the process painful?

Every patient is afraid of the word ‘surgery’ no matter how big or small it is, and every patient has the fear whether it’s going to hurt them or not. However, you would be given local anesthesia before the surgery so you wouldn’t feel a thing during it but once the surgery and complete you might feel very less sore or slightly numb. Long story short, the procedure is commonly painless. So, to make your mind from the beginning you should surely ask this question from your doctor.

Is this technique only effective for men?

Hair loss is however experienced by both the men and women. But, this FUE technique is usually common amidst men. However, it is also effective in women who experience hair loss in male patterns. Depending upon the cause of your hair loss, the doctor tells you whether this technique is suitable for you or not.

Am I a suitable patient for FUE hair transplant?

Even if you don’t ask this question, your surgeon would look deeply into the causes and everything else needed to determine whether the candidate is suitable for this method or not. Based upon your age and your hair, if the surgeon thinks you are not suitable enough for the process then he might tell you some alternatives therapies for your hair restoration.

Are there any pre-surgery precautions?

Depending upon the causes of your hair loss, type of your hair and your age, the doctor might recommend you some precautionary measures that commonly include; not using certain hair products a couple of days prior to the surgery or using only the medicated and prescribed hair products given by your doctor.

How long would be the recovery time?

The recovery time from your FUE hair transplant surgery is not more than 2 weeks. During this period, you would have to follow a few important instructions from your surgeon otherwise you would damage your newly transplanted hair. Follow the guidelines such as; certain exercises, sleeping positions, and medicated hair products for a speedy recovery.

In how many days would the results be seen?

The results are usually visible in 15 days because this is the time required for the scabs to fall out from the transplanted areas. However, new and permanent hair growth would be visible within 2-4 months after the transplantation. Though, in some cases, the results are seen in about 12-15 months.

What would be the duration of the transplant?

The time duration of FUE hair transplant usually depends upon the number of grafts required to cover the bald area of your body. However, most of the transplant surgeries are completed within approximately 8 hours.

Is there a chance that my new hair would fall out too?

Well, you might notice some hair falling out from the transplanted areas for a few weeks after your treatment but that is completely normal. Once the initial hair loss is done for a few weeks, your new hair would start growing permanently and much stronger than before.

How much would it cost?

Some people might require multiple surgeries while some would require just one. so, after consultation, your doctor would look into your matter and quote the price accordingly. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for the finance options that might be helpful for you to make payments.

A hair transplant surgery could be the best option if you are too stressed out because of your baldness and aren’t much confident enough in going out and facing people. Make sure you have these questions on your fingertips while consulting a doctor before your surgery.

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