Traveling? Sleep Apnea Wants To Tag Along

So while your friends are busy checking out travel rates and booking schedules, you’re just there at home watching Netflix and eating pizza. How exciting your life is, right? But what’s holding you back? Guess that SLEEP APNEA problem you just knew about after you’ve been to a sleep study clinic is the reason why you’re staying and that CPAP machine too. Well, your sleeping disorder is not going to stick with you forever and neither your opportunity to enjoy life today may not happen again tomorrow. Lifes’ everyday chances may vary and if you will not follow that gut feeling in saying “this is the moment you’ve been waiting for to see London and visit the Queen”, then you might just be totally missing your chance.

CPAP: Take It or Leave It?

Yeah, sleep apnea is one of the well-known sleep disorder around the world. It’s a disorder where breathing stops while you’re sleeping, which you are not actually aware of. Snoring, gasping and choking are some of the evident symptoms of this disorder. Upon waking up, you feel very tired and fatigued. In the long run, it will also contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.

The most common medication for this condition is the use of a CPAP machine every single night. It is a machine that has a mask which fits your nose and mouth to ensure that your airways are open and getting the normal oxygen as you sleep at night. It can also monitor any breathing changes so your doctor can adjust the medication or add other treatments.

And because the old-fashioned CPAP machines are really bulky and sturdy, most patients rather not bring their machines with them during light travels or camping. But that was before because now, CPAP manufacturers and medical professionals have collaborated in creating a more physically simplified machine that is easy to bring along by apnea patients wherever they need to go. May it be short or long distance travels.

Different Kinds of Machines

The Travel CPAP

  • It’s relatively smaller and much more compact than the traditional machine. This version does not include a humidifier that is something CPAP patients are willing to drop for more convenience. It is also much easier to use, portable, and is travel-friendly.

The Oral Appliance

  • As the name says “oral”, this travel device does not have a machine, wires or masks. It is a piece of equipment that is being worn in the mouth while you’re asleep. For you to have a visual of it, it’s pretty much like a mouth guard that will hold your jaw forward to keep your upper airway open.

The Nasal Valve Therapy

  • Although it’s called “therapy”, it is still a device only that is smaller and simpler. This valve is a newbie in the market but is more convenient. You just have to stick it in your nostrils with a hypoallergenic adhesive tape. As you breathe, the valves will follow the movement of the air flow that keeps your airway open by applying pressure in the back of your throat.

You may now have smaller CPAP devices which you can bring with you every time you travel, but just like most patients, keep your CPAP machine and use it at home. Experts advise that you should try these portable CPAPs first and see which is more comfortable for you to use.

Now, you also have to remember the following tips whenever you travel with your machine or devices.

  • Always bring your prescription with you and doctor’s notes or letter.
  • You can always bring your machine inside the plane.
  • Notify your carrier in advance that you are bringing in a device so they can make arrangements for you to be able to sit next to a power outlet if need be.

A CPAP or any modern devices that work like this machine is very important for apnea patients every time they sleep and not just during the night. Without the CPAP, you will not only be deprived of sleep but will also be prone to other health issues that will greatly affect your well-being.  Sleep disorders should never be a lifetime condition and your sleep apnea doctor Maryland will support that.  With modern ways and technology, it does not only make life more convenient, but it also motivates you to step up and help yourself beat this sleeping condition too. So don’t let sleep apnea stop you from traveling the world, take it with you, but promise yourself that it will be the last time it will tag along with your journey.

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