Why is your elbow hurting? top reasons

There are many possible reasons why your elbows might be hurting. Note that our elbows are responsible for swinging, hugging, lifting, and throwing, and a lot of other motions. So, it is important to know that they are not just regular joints. This means that there are many different things that can go wrong here. In case your pain symptoms seem to be out of control, you will have to go and visit an elbow injury doctor right away. 

However, while you are waiting with an appointment, there are a number of ways why your elbow might be hurting. In this article, we put together a few of these. Chances are that you are suffering from one of these conditions. 

Top reasons why your elbow might hurt 

The elbow is the joint where three bones come together. These bones include the ulna, radius, and the upper arm bone. Every bone has a cartilage, which joints together. This cartilage is responsible for providing cushion to the bones and to prevent them from sliding on top of each other. All in all, they work to absorb the shocks. At the same time, the muscles are attached to the bones via tendons that allow the arm to move in various ways. 

If something wrong happens to these parts, then the result could be some pain. This pain would differ in severity depending on how bad the condition itself is. The top reasons why your bones may hurt include the following: 

Single time injuries 

There are some injuries that are one-off events. However, sometimes, injuries are long-run. Usually, when you do not treat an injury such as a dislocated elbow, fractured elbow, or strains, the pain can become very persistent. Over-time, the wear and tear due to movement can further make the condition worse. 

In case your arm is fractured, you will have to visit a doctor for medical attention right away. If the arm does not look right, chances are that it is indeed fractured. So, in this case, do not delay the treatment at all.


Bursitis is an injury that occurs by over-time repeated motions, that usually lie in the unhealthy habits category. This can also happen from the result of an infection or a car accident. Bursa are small sacs that contain fluids. These sacs prevent the muscles, tendons, and bones by cushioning them. At the same time, these sacs also prevent out skin from sliding over our bones. However, then they get swollen, pain occurs because the bone no longer remains cushioned. Bursitis can be treated with over the counter pain medicines and some special medicines that your doctor will give you for this very condition. 

Golfer’s elbow 

This condition is actually termed as tendinitis. This means that due to overuse, the tendons around the elbow get damaged. While this name may suggest that this condition is only limited to golfers, it is actually not. It is often also termed as tennis elbow, while in reality, it is not just limited to tennis players. Rather, anybody who overuses his or her elbow joints in any possible way is susceptible to suffering from this condition. 

Ending note 

In order to figure out exactly what is affecting your elbow, you will have to visit an orthopedic elbow specialist anyway! So do not delay it. You can literally prevent it as quickly as possible only if you wanted to. There are a number of ways in which you can figure out exactly what is wrong with your elbows. The three most common ones have been mentioned above. However, to figure out further, reach out to your doctor right away!

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