What Are The Causes Of Car Windows Tints Peeling Off

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Auto window tints provide UV rays protection and privacy while reducing glare during driving. Tints that start peeling will stop providing the benefits they should and you’ll need to get auto window tinting installed again. But you should know the reasons for car window tints peeling. Let’s discuss it!

The Tint Is Old

Like other parts of your car, tints wear over time. Generally, tints last from 6 months to 10 years depending on their type and quality. If you can see your tint film peeling off and it’s been years since it was installed, then it’s a clear sign that it should be replaced.

A rule of thumb is to get new tints installed every 5 years if you have high-quality tints installed. Carbon and ceramic tints are considered the best. They are also the most expensive.

Tints peeling off is not the only sign of changing the tint films. If you notice bubbles or bulges on the windows, tints turning purple, color fading of the tints, damaged interior, and high temperature inside the car even when the AC is working at its maximum capacity, then consider replacing the tints.

Bad Installation

Replacing old tints seems fine because you got your money’s worth out of them. But the situation becomes frustrating when newly installed tints begin peeling off. It also has many reasons, which we will discuss one by one below, but the main cause is bad tint installation.

There are different types of window materials and types of tints. Your tint installer should know how to attach a specific type of tint to a certain kind of window glass.

Moreover, car windows are usually heat stretched to keep the adhesive bond between the film and the window’s plastic. If it’s not performed, the tints will fall or peel off sooner than you would expect.

Improper installation can be due to different things. Some of them are:

  • If windows weren’t cleaned properly before the installation process, the film won’t sit on the glass perfectly due to dust particles and the glue won’t bind the tint and the glass well. This will result in peeling tint film.
  • Bubbles appear on the tints due to improper installation. Keep this mind that seeing bubbles on tints right after the installation is common, but if they don’t disappear themselves in a few days, the bubbles are because of bad installation. These bubbles lead to window tints peeling off. The bubbles problem can be fixed without having to replace the tints altogether. So, if you notice bubbles on your tint film, go to your tint installer to remove them.
  • When the installer didn’t use a sufficient quantity of adhesive or the right adhesive type for the tint film and window material, the tints may start peeling off before the guaranteed time provided by the installer.
  • The tints weren’t installed at the correct temperature. The outdoor temperature also plays a role and if the temperature isn’t in the range of 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit, the glue may not stick properly and the tints will begin peeling off with consistent use very soon.

No Maintenance

Ignoring maintenance of the tints is also a huge cause of tints peeling off before their time. Your care for car window tints begins with the day you get them installed and bring the car home.

The first week is critical because you need to give the tints time to dry off. It usually takes from 3 to 7 days depending on the weather conditions.

Things you should take care of when the tints are drying:

  • Don’t roll down the windows
  • Don’t wash the wash
  • Don’t drive in the rain
  • Avoid sharp objects touching the windows

When they are dry, you can do the above things except for allowing sharp objects near the windows.

Moreover, when cleaning tinted windows, make sure to avoid harsh tint cleaning agents and tools because they can damage the tint. Once they are damaged, moisture will get inside the tints and bubbles will form or the tint will peel off.


To prevent window tints from peeling, make sure to get them installed from a certified car window tinting shop Springfield, select the right type, and take care of the tints properly.

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