Ways To Keep Your Kids Physically Active

Kids nowadays seem to have less physical activities, although all the activities are still out there. What changed? Technology. No wonder some parents bring their children to their family pediatrician or orthopedic doctors just to find out what is wrong with their “couch” kids.  Kids like them become less interactive and less productive compared to kids who are less inclined to gadgets. It’s not because they do not have any techy stuff at home or do not have the means to have one, it’s just that their parents trained them to enjoy their childhood without clinging too much to their iPads or PS4 gaming console.

Seeing your kids playing at the park or at the playground with other children, perhaps make you remember your childhood too. Getting dirty and all sweaty helps your kids to maintain and keep up with an active lifestyle as they grow older.


It’s best for active children to enjoy both their indoor and outdoor activities because as they age their daily activities will change too and it can be due to the following:

  • Increase in school activities.
  • Might soon feel that they are not good enough in sports.
  • Not enough role model to motivate them to be active.
  • Family members become preoccupied.
  • Parents feel that their neighborhood is no longer safe for an afternoon play.

If these cases happen, then your kids’ once active moment will gradually change into something challenging that they will carry as they enter adulthood.


And here are more reasons why you should encourage your children to be crazy active while they still can:

  • There are only 1 out of 3 kids every day who keeps an active lifestyle.
  • Less 50% of the time kids today is spent on games, physical education classes, and sports practice.
  • The majority of teens and kids nowadays use more than 7 hours of electronic devices, TV, and phones.
  • An average of 1 out of 3 kids becomes obese or overweight.
  • Around 70% of the kids’ population today is most likely to become obese or overweight as they grow older.

With all these being said, you should start working out a plan on how to keep an active life for your kids and here are your amazing options:


  1. Consult your Child’s Doctor.
  • One kick-start for your kid is to have his doctor talk to him and make him understand the importance of having an active lifestyle. He can also suggest different activities and sports that are appropriate for your kids’ skills and interests.
  1. Look for interesting activities.
  • It would be extra fun and motivating for your kid to help him find an activity or a sport that he would be interested in. Plus, pushing him more into what he’s interested at will likely make him stick to it. Add the whole family and turn it into a bonding experience with the whole gang.
  1. Make plans in advance.
  • Space is important and you have to make sure that your kid has the space for his chosen sport or activity.
  1. Start being their role model.
  • Kids easily adopt what their parents do. So if they find you enjoying sports and other physical activities the more they will involve themselves in doing one too.
  1. Join your kid.
  • You just don’t know how much it means to kids seeing you joining and playing with them. The more they will feel your support and that they should keep on improving on it to make you proud.
  1. Make sure space is safe.
  • Always make sure space and your kids’ sports and activity tools are safe. Most especially the clothes your kids will be wearing should be all prepped up and comfortable to wear.
  1. Find room for “activity” time.
  • Expect that your kids will be preoccupied with school-related activities, and other stuff so you have to secure a time where your children can do a short warm-up or play their sport. It’s best that they get used to having their sport as part of their everyday routine.

How about rewarding yourself with the “Best Parent Of The Year” plaque or certificate? This is because you are doing a good job as a parent. Although you might be visiting the doctors for back pain orthopedic McLean center because you have overexposed yourself to physical activities it sure is worth it for as long as you keep your kids maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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