Want To Lose Weight? Motivate Yourself

It’s easy to tell yourself “It’s time to lose weight”, but it’s harder to put it into action. You always set a schedule for yourself on when you will start working on those extra belly fats, however, you also get easily distracted and just reschedule your fitness plan. Sometimes, you’d rather opt for the effective weight loss plans you will find on the Internet or those being referred by friends. Still, you have to choose what suits you, but more importantly, it should start with you.

Motivate Yourself

It’s easy to do something or achieve something if you have a deep self-motivation. Although a support group can also push you to carry out your goals, motivating yourself is still the best. Because you know and you can feel how determined you are to attain something and nothing can stop you or hold you back. But how will you motivate yourself? With a lot of distractions left and right there is always that big chance of losing your motivation and will make you start from the beginning again.

So how will you motivate yourself in getting that dream figure you’ve always wanted?

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

If you’re at the hype of your weight loss plan and you suddenly lose track somewhere, don’t stop, just give yourself time to wind up a bit from your routine. Give yourself like a day or two breaks from your exercise program and diet plan so you do not end up stressed if you do not meet your target. Sometimes the more you allow motivation to motivate you the more it becomes tricky in the process. So just let it flow naturally inside you, and it will be flawless for you to meet your goals. You will just be surprised at how far you’ve gone and with the developments that had happened in your body.

Give Yourself A Test

The moment you lose track of your purpose in losing weight and why you are doing it, ask yourself like you are answering a quiz or a test. For example:

  • If I won’t go to the gym tomorrow, what will happen to my body after 6 months or 1 year?
  • If I skip my diet today, will my health suffer?
  • If I stop my diet routine, will I instantly feel the effect and will the people around me notice it too?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself once you felt uninspired to continue your weight loss program. It will at least kick-start again that spirit inside you.

Raid Your Closet

If you’re at the brink of your weight loss motivation, find that encouragement again inside your closet. Dig into those ‘used to fit’ clothes and let that desire to wear them again burn in you once again. It’s time to keep a promise to yourself. Something that you have to stay committed to. Like meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Or a promise to walk your dog again. Or that promise that you will treat your younger brother an ice cream after he gets an ‘A’ in his report card. Let that promise become your motivator to be someone you’ve always wanted to be.

Stick With Your Feelings

Sometimes what nullifies your motivation is the way you pay attention to digits. Like that pace timer when you jog. Or that speed monitor on that gym equipment that you often use. Or even that weighing scale you have at home. They all have numbers that talks to you and you just suddenly see them as your focal point which makes you frustrated when you fail to hit your target. Instead of looking at the figures, why not focus on what you feel instead. Like that feeling after you have eaten a low-carb meal or that mood after you had that morning run with your partner. Motivating yourself to lose weight does not need to happen before you start doing something. It can happen right after you have done it based on what you have felt. The secret to a successful weight loss plan is on how you feel every time you burn those extra fats and how fantastic you felt. That is what will really keep you going.

You can always visit the Center for weight management or any diet and weight loss clinic nearest you to be guided on the proper way to motivate yourself. The starting point to any success is you and the most that will benefit from the outcome will only be – YOU.

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