Things You Need to Know about Child’s Custody While Filing for Divorce

While you want divorce or get summon from your spouse, the first thing come in your mind is your child’s custody; a child support lawyer can help you there. He/she can help you to know the legal procedure and also assist you to get your kid as per the state’s law. Usually, the norms are different in every county, but the basic types of custodies are as follows-

Temporary Child Custody-

This is a short-term custody of your child, approved by the court and these arrangements make parents to assure about the well-being of their children until the final decision is declared. Often temporary custody becomes permanent which also includes the visitation and support of other parent after final decision. Though the rules and regulations of this custody are different from a country to other, usually, temporary custody is given to one of the parents or relatives and grandparents of the child.

Legal Custody

If this custody is given to you that mean you are sole responsible for your kid’s well being. It includes healthcare, education and religious upbringing. In many states, this custody is given to both the parents so that they both can get involved in the kid’s upbringing. But, if any mismatch of opinion happens, that can create injurious effect on the child.

Physical Custody

This is one of the best options for child’s custody. This gives both of you chance to spend quality time with your child if the court approves. Joint physical custody is the best option to get in touch with your kids only if you live near your child. Try to avoid conflicts so that your kids won’t get affected by that, even after your divorce.

Sole Custody

The name suggests it all. It means the whole custody rights are given to one parent while the other has limited rights like only visiting your kids. It is given when the court is satisfied with the matter that the child is not safe with the other parent or at his/her place. Often, if the kid is unable to understand why he/she is not getting enough time of the other parent in their life, they suffer from emotional and psychological problems.

Kids are like buds of flowers. They don’t understand often the problems between parents. Talk to your child custody attorney alexandria va and know the details of the process beforehand.

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