Should I Remove My Pine Tree

A Pine tree in your back or front yard is a great addition to your house. It can offer shade during hot days along with some privacy and protection as they tower overhead. However, sometimes, they can be a pain as well and you might want to cut them down using a tree removal service. Here are some possible signs or tips that will help you make the right decision.

Your Pine Tree Is Too Close To Your House

The first reason to consider removing your pine tree is if it’s too close to your house. It could be a tree you planted yourself or it came with the when you bought the house, if it is too close to the house, it will need to be removed.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not plant trees that are less than 20 feet from a house or structure. Trees can grow too large and threaten everything in the surrounding area. In addition to that, it is not the roots that are invasive and do not cause foundation damage. Instead, it is the probability of the falling limbs and branches falling onto the house during extreme weather conditions, which is dangerous. Try pruning the tree and see if it helps.

Removing A Pine Tree Due To Irreversible Storm Damage

Even though pine trees are strong species, extreme weather conditions such as snow, hail, and thunderstorms can damage them. However, pine trees have softer wood as compared to other trees such as maples, oaks, birches, etc.

That said, extreme weather conditions can sometimes take a toll on pine trees and become too much for them to bear. Even a strong gust of wind can easily break off or snap trunks. Therefore, if your pine tree has experienced irreversible damage, you will need to remove it.

If your pine tree has a damaged trunk or lost large limbs, you most probably won’t be able to repair it. And plus, the tree won’t heal either. So, it will become a target for fungus, and pests, which will weaken it further. So, you either work with whatever you have left or simply remove the tree.

Insects Or Fungus On The Tree

Healthy pines are able to fight off most invaders using their defense mechanism. However, when a tree is unhealthy or weak, it will struggle to fight against bugs and afflictions. This is mostly the case when a tree is under stress for not receiving the proper nutrients it requires.

Furthermore, stress on a tree can take place due to drought or if it isn’t receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight. Additionally. Improper pruning of trees can also damage the tree. Therefore, if you have a pine tree at your house, you will need to inspect it regularly to look out for any unusual visible infection signs.

You will be able to fix the issue if caught at an initial stage. But if it is ignored for a long period of time, it will affect the life of the tree.

Your Pine Tree Is Leaning Too Much To One Side

Tall and too-heavy pine trees do not carry the same strength as oaks. So, if some pressure is applied to pine trees, they are going to snap and fall. Most pine trees have long taproots that penetrate deep into the soil to extract nutrients. This gives the tree strong stability.

Therefore, when something topples the tree, the trunk breaks but the roots still remain attached to the ground. This means that pine trees leaning too much to one side can be a serious threat. This is their most vulnerable position. Plus, there is not much you can do about the problem. So, you might want to bring it down before it wreaks havoc.

And another problem with pine trees is that they can get very heavy at the top. As they grow taller, the lower branches can weaken and fall off. This usually happens when the branches are not able to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight.

Final Word

In the end, having pine trees on your property is something special. However, you will need to look after them. But if they become damaged to the point where they cannot heal properly or are leaning too much on one side, you will need to bring them down. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to decide whether you can solve the issue by pruning or simply removing it with the help of emergency tree services Kensington.

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