Preparing your countertop for installation

Once you have selected a particular kitchen countertop, you would want to call countertop replacement companies to get your old countertop replaced with the new one. Indeed, this will be an exciting day for you as you would get to see a totally transformation of your kitchen – a place where you love to spend your free time dining and watching sports on the television.

How to prepare everything before installation?

Now, you would ask, what preparations do you need before the installation date? In this article, we put together a number of things that you need to look into beforehand. These include:

Date of installation

This is literally the very first thing that you need to decide. For this, reach out to the countertop company that you have selected and talk to the about it. Without having a date, you will not be able to make other preparations.

For instance, in all likelihood, you will have to relocate your kitchen items to another room for a day or two. So, it is important to arrange some backups and to create some space.

Hence, deciding a date beforehand and then sticking to it for beginning the countertop installation phase is extremely important.

One thing that you need to ensure is that there are no public holidays on the days that you have chosen. For instance, no contractor would want to come to your house and start the work on a Christmas eve or Christmas day. Furthermore, also make sure that your chosen contractor is available on the days you are choosing.

Before installation

Make sure that the existing countertop is removed beforehand (unless you want the contractor to remove it for you and it has already been discussed). Most contractors may not offer any disconnecting services related to the plumbing. This is simply because it is not a countertop contractor’s job!

So, in all likelihood, you will have to arrange a plumber before hand to disconnect the pipes. In specific, materials like Granite and Marble require more preparation in comparison to other simpler materials such as Silestone. So, prepare yourself likewise.

Day of installation

Make sure that there are no animals or pets in the area, regardless of how friendly your pets are. No contractor will take the responsibility of your injured pets in an unlikely scenario. Hence, most contractors will ask you to move your pets away into a different room before the work begins.

So, it is your responsibility to move your pets to a safer room for as long as the work is going on. Furthermore, depending on the countertop, a different installation method may be employed. In this case, you will have to use a plastic cover to cover your furniture up.

For instance, the other parts of your kitchen may have to be covered because countertop installation can something result in suspended particles. This is something that an installation expert will be able to guide you with. Though, it is much better to talk about it beforehand so that you can take all the necessary precautions.

Ending note

Once you have taken all necessary precautions and measures, you can safely go ahead and give a heads-up to your countertop installers. Then, depending on the countertop material, the installer will charge you the agreed amount.

But do note that the charges can vary depending on the material. In general, granite installers Rockville may charge higher because installing granite countertops takes more work. The same applies to Marble and other similar heavy stones. Whereas Silestone countertops are easier to install and hence, do not cause higher. Make sure that you have already discussed this with your countertop installer.

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