How To Know If I Need A Knee Replacement Surgery

As the numbers of the aged population soar all time high all across the world, artificial knee replacement surgery is becoming increasingly common according to knee doctors.

Whether it’s degenerative changes, osteoarthritis or that incident when you broke your knee in high school during football, with the pain returning to haunt you in your late 50’s, knee pain and the disability that it comes with are important concerns raised during an orthopedic appointment.

On the contrary, artificial knee replacement is a major surgery, and with the recent advancements in technology and operative techniques, it is safe to say that 90% of patients resume an active lifestyle soon afterwards.

If you’ve been suffering from the condition since long, and conservative treatments aren’t providing any benefits, it might be time to talk about the surgery with your primary healthcare physician.

Here are a few signs that might be an indication that it’s time to come under the knife and consider surgery.

Pain Points

Knee pain is excruciatingly painful and extremely debilitating. It can limit even everyday mundane tasks like climbing the stairs or walking the dog. Pain points over the knee can manifest in two ways:

Delayed Pain

The type of pain that is often experienced after variable amounts of physical activity is termed as delayed pain. Commonly known as payback pain, it often termed as a warning sign that your knee might not be functioning properly.

Pain with Activity

this is the type of pain often experienced before the starting of any physical activity, and is usually absent on rest. It can be so limiting that oftentimes patients experience feelings of depression and sadness that they can no longer do the things they enjoyed once.

Pain in Sleep

the last one in our list tops as the number one sign that you should get yourself checked as soon as possible. Pain that interrupts sleep or causes regular arousal from sleep due to the intensity felt is a danger sign that should not be ignored.

Visual Distortions in The Knee Itself

The way your knee looks like on the outside can be just as important as how it feels on the inside. Have a good look at your knee and determine the amount of physical changes that seem to have developed recently. If your knee looks swollen and markedly dissimilar then the other one, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

Limited Movement

If you’re someone who has battled with knee problems for a long time, it’s normal to experience some level of limitation to your everyday activities. But if the problem seems to have dramatically increased overtime, and you find yourself limited to certain activities like sitting in a low seat car or sitting cross legged on smooth surfaces or floors, it could indicate advanced degenerative changes in the knee. The signs that your knee simply refuses to bend is a signal towards osteoarthritis and that it shouldn’t be taken lightly whatsoever.

An Overall Decrease in The Quality of Life You Once Had

It all comes down to the kind of restraints and difficulties you are facing now. Whether it’s being unable to go on those long marathons you cherished, or simply indulging in small work around the garden or backyard, lifestyle limitations are an important sign that your knee needs help. Most patients out of the fear of surgery choose to live a life full of pain and suffering not realizing that knee surgery can actually return the normalcy you once had.

While surgery is definitely not the only last resort, most patients often resort to conservative approaches like acupunctures or holistic treatments. At times, if the disease hasn’t progressed much, your doctor could prescribe a short dose of painkillers and a physiotherapy regime that works wonders for a subset of patients experiencing these symptoms.

Lastly it is very important to counsel the patient regarding the medical side effects of the surgery itself. In a nutshell, surgery is a major decision but if it leads to excessive amounts of pain and depression, it is best to move ahead with knee replacement. However, make sure you choose the right and experienced knee specialist McLean for the surgery. Good luck!

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