Everything About Solid Surface Countertops

For a fuss-free kitchen experience, you need something easy to maintain and low-at-cost. Solid surface countertops are all that you need. They are an established choice of both homeowners and professionals alike in the category of engineered stone countertops.

Do you want to know what are solid surface countertops and how do they differ from natural stone? Read more inside!

What Are Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid surface countertops visually mimic natural stone but are not natural stone. They lack the visual depth of a natural stone yet still look more natural than laminates—all-in-all an excellent example of purpose-engineered perfection.

It has been more than 50 years now when solid surface countertops were first introduced as DuPont Corian. And now, these countertops are a priority option for the majority of the homeowners.

Composition Of Solid Surface Countertops

Solid Surface countertops are primarily made up of two materials:

  • Minerals
  • Binding Resins

Compared to quartz, solid surface countertops are made up of 66% of minerals and 33% of binding resins. This signature composition of the countertops is what made them look smooth and natural. For instance, aluminum trihydrate (fine white powder) helps maintain the smooth consistency of solid surface countertops.

Polymers Used In Solid Surface Countertops

  • Acrylic
  • Polyester

If you want to go for an even lower price in solid surface countertops, go on with polyester-based countertops. It offers more vibrant colors. But a newer composition of solid surface countertops is acrylic-based.

How Do Solid Surface Countertops Differ From Natural Stone? 

This is where you start comparing high and low points of solid surface countertops with natural stone. The first noticeable difference is the non-porous surface of the solid surface countertops. And this is what the word “solid” meant for solid surface countertops. If you open a granite or marble stone, you’ll see the stone is built of wild, prominent particles forming pores in the product. And hence, these pores lead to easy cracks and breakage. While solid surface countertops do not develop through-body cuts and cracks.

That said, there are many factors to compare between a solid surface and natural stone countertops. Let’s discuss the advantages a solid surface countertop offers over a natural stone.

Benefits Of Solid Surface Countertops

For a highly used residential kitchen, a solid surface countertop is a carefree option. You get bacteria-free slabs for your kids that are easy to maintain as well.

Easy On Pocket

A solid surface is a mid-range option. And that is why it is the choice of a majority of homeowners. If you don’t want to go for laminate or ceramic tile, a solid surface is an attractive yet affordable choice. It may lack the visual depth of a natural stone but is still better than lamination.

Easy To Maintain

After years of experience breaking your back at cleaning and maintaining your kitchen countertops, one finally finds its peace with solid surface countertops. They are easy to maintain and repair.

It is difficult to get a full surface crack with minor accidents. And even if you get some cuts with pots and knives, you can quickly repair them. An orbital sander and fine grain sandpaper are enough to fix the scratches.

And with them being non-porous, you can easily dust off the dirt. This option helps you release a sigh of relief, as now you don’t have to spend your morning hours cleaning them.

Here polyester-based countertops are an exception. You need to polish them from time to time.

Homogenous Surface

Many buyers mention this advantage of solid surface counters. The product is the same from top to bottom. So, even if you sand the surface for the repair, you’ll get the same surface layer-after layer. This is what makes solid surface countertops a great option for long-term use.

With the homogenous aspect, solid surface countertops are also heat sensitive. They tend to deform at a temperature higher than 250 F. Therefore, the use of heat mats and pot stands is a must.


A visible advantage of solid surface countertops is their non-porosity. So, you don’t have to change them after a specific time due to food and water being in there.  Also, the surface won’t crack or break after minor accidents. Hence, these countertops are easy to clean and hygienic. Go to a quartz countertops dealer Rockville to choose solid stone colors.

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