Enjoy The Outdoors With A Bad Back

Whether cold or hot weather, no one could stop you from doing outdoor activities. Especially, if you really maintain an active lifestyle, there is no perfect weather for your outdoor ventures. But for those with back problems, weather can sometimes be an issue. There are seasons where it can cause a more intense pain at the back while the rest gives so much comfort. Your trusted orthopedic doctors can give you tips on how to weather the weather.

Keeping an active physical lifestyle provides so much opportunity for the heart to get some endorphins active too which lessens the pain. Since you are made aware that exercising can outstandingly make your bones stronger, establish flexibility, rebuild the muscle and dwindle the kinks and pains.

Some Outdoor Niche You Must Try

There are certain avenues which you can do both in the open and outdoors. So try some of these to keep you and your backbones in shape.

Get Physical With These Activities

  • Walking

If there’s an activity that anyone can do anywhere and anytime that would be walking. You can do it at your own pace depending on your need and comfortability. Just prepped in your most comfy walking shoes or sneakers and a sure safe walking zone like the park and you’re all set. Make this a daily habit to maintain a stable cardio and experience less pain in your back area.

Quick facts:

Do you know that you can get the following benefits if you keep a regular walking routine?

  1. It can strengthen your muscles in your torso, legs, feet, and hips
  2. Facilitates in keeping your spine in good condition.
  3. Boost flexibility and improve posture.

It is also good to bring a friend, partner or walking buddy with you. It can serve as your support system to keep you motivated and inspired to deal with your back issues.

  • Biking / Cycling

A weightless exercise routine that can greatly benefit your spine, neck, and back. No fuss and it’s good for your spine for as long as you are doing it on a smooth road or surface to avoid jolts or bumps. You can also do stationary biking at home or biking classes for a guided routine and workout. Remember that if you are experiencing backaches, you should be avoiding rough roads as it will stress your back. More importantly, pick the right bike. Ask a professional to help you with that.


  1. Biking improves your endurance and strengthens your lower body.
  2. Since it’s weightless there is less pressure on your knees, hips, and spine.
  3. It’s a good cardio and body exercise.
  4. Stationary biking is a good indoor exercise option, especially during bad weather.
  • Swimming

One of the best and most beneficial exercise for those who have back and spine issues. It does not require so much movement that saves your spine from any stressful routine. It is also a therapeutic activity since water can relieve strain on muscles, joints, and bones.


  1. Since there is buoyancy in the water there is less gravity and if there is less gravity, it is easier to execute movements without applying too much pressure.
  2. Heated pools can make your muscles and tissues to relax more.
  • Yoga or Wellness Exercises

While yoga had proven so many health benefits from physical strength, stress to anxiety and much more it can also do wonders for sufferers of neck and back pain. With yoga, you can learn the fundamentals of proper movements, breathing, and wellness.

  • Hiking

If walking is considered to be one of the most beneficial activities for the body, hiking on the other hand also provides a lot of benefits. Being one with nature alone can already present many curing factors, so if you are a hiking buff all you need to secure is good hiking route and contingency plan for unexpected situations.


You may be dealing with a back condition, but that should not stop you from doing what you want. With these fun and exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy, you are not just helping yourself to get over with your back pains, but you are also helping yourself as well. You shouldn’t be confined to the four corners of your home just because pain is there to burden you. With the help of your back pain specialist Woodbridge, you will be fearless enough to step out of your comfort zone and act like nothing is aching. Remember that your will is stronger than your pain so you can beat it for as long as you are determined to conquer it.

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