Drain Contractors: Grease Trap Maintenance Tips

For you to avoid having to hire drain contractors every now and then to fix your broken grease trap, you should take good care of it. To help you out, here are tips given by experts on how to go about it:

Ensure the unit is properly installed

There is no way your grease trap will function optimally if it’s improperly installed. Your first step to keeping your unit in top shape is to ensure that it’s properly installed. During the installation, ensure that the unit is installed by an expert grease company.

If you are buying a business where the unit has already been installed, confirm that the grease trap is of the right size. Also, ensure that the unit is of the right size and can take the amount of grease that your restaurant produces without compromising on the functionality.

Avoid putting food scraps in the sink

While the grease trap is designed to take grease and can handle any amount of grease, it can’t handle food scraps. When you put the scraps in the unit, it will clog and you will have to hire a contractor to help you with the unclogging.

For you to prevent any amount of food from ending in the grease trap, you should get rid of all the food before you put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Many people make the mistake of connecting the grease trap to the garbage disposal. Don’t do this. This is to prevent dirt and other debris from getting caught in the trap, resulting in the obstruction of the unit.

For you to minimize the amount of food that gets into the unit, consider installing strainers in the kitchen sink. You can also install strainers in the floor drains, dishwasher, and other units thus preventing large solids from entering the grease trap.

Don’t use chemicals

What do most people do when they are looking to clean their grease traps? They run to the stores and get the first chemicals they can get their hands on. While the chemicals will get rid of the grease, they are often too strong for the pipes. Some of the chemicals are too strong that they end up damaging the grease trap.

You should definitely clean the grease trap regularly but don’t use chemicals to do it. The best way out is to hire a grease trap cleaning professional who will pump out the grease leaving your unit in mint condition.

Don’t pour grease down the drains

Some people have the notion that there is no harm in pouring grease down the drains as it will eventually land in the grease trap. While this is true, you should note that too much grease in the unit leads to clogging of the drain pipes.

A lot of grease in the drains also results to an overworked grease trap. For you to keep your grease trap in top condition you should avoid pouring the grease in your drains at all times. The best way out is to have a separate container to pour the grease. Once the container is full, put it in a safe place so that you can give it to the grease pumping company when it comes to clean the grease trap.

When choosing a grease container, use one made from metal or any other material. Not plastic. This is because plastic melts when you pour hot grease in it.

Undertake regular maintenance

This is not to simply pump out the trap—it’s to inspect the trap for any issues it might be having. At least once a year, hire a grease trap expert to inspect the grease trap and if there are any issues, fix them.

Some of the problems that the unit might be having include: clacks, broken pipes, faulty pipes, and any other.

For you to get ideal services, ensure that the maintenance is done by highly experienced contractors. The last thing you want is a contractor who will damage the unit instead of fixing it.

Avoid DIY

I know all of us want to save money and one of the ways of doing it is fixing the appliances by ourselves. While you save money by doing it, in most cases you end up causing more problems than were originally there. Instead of fixing the unit, you should hire grease trap cleaning services Manhattan providers to help you out.

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