Choose an affordable way for kitchen countertop resurfacing

Most of the kitchen countertop materials are strong and durable but as the time passes,all types of kitchen countertop material deteriorates and simple wear and tear become visible to naked eyes and your countertop will no longer be pleasing to the eyes. This is the time that you should think of replacing your countertops. There is no problem if you have the budget and you’re willing to shell out big bucks.

Best options for kitchen countertop replacement

However, if you are not in a position to spend huge money on resurfacing then resurfacing countertops solve the problem. Instead of replacing your kitchen or bathroom countertop, resurfacing them involves repairing or changing the old laminates. The complete process will make your countertop new. You can make your outdated kitchen counters beautiful with countertop resurfacing. It is an easy process to cover the existing surface with new tile or sheet and you can make your kitchen truly amazing by resurfacing as it works best over smooth laminates and in case any single tile gets damaged then you only need to change the existing counter down to the particle board underneath.

The cost of resurfacing countertops ranges between $ 3.22 to $5.98 per square foot and this estimate is always calculated on the basis of average material costs, unit productivity rates and average hourly labour wages. To get an exact estimate on how expensive is kitchen countertop resurfacing you should choose a project location where the labour has to be hired and materials are purchased. Tell the professional contractor on the project size and the square feet area of the complete project. Then recalculate the cost. Always make yourself ready to pay more for a licensed and insured professional contractor for complex projects. Choose a contractor carefully by verifying work quality.

Further the cost estimates always includes cost of local materials, equipment delivery to transportation to and from the job site and the costs to build worksite for countertop refinishing like the cost to protect existing structures, finishes and other materials. Costs to job clean up, removal of debris, labor set up time, mobilization time and hourly charges are also included for small refinishing jobs. But the estimate does not include fees of general contractor for supervision. Make sure to add 12.1% to 19.3% to the cost if you are planning to hire a professional contractor to supervise the project. Other types of permit fees and sales tax on other supplies are also not included in the cost estimate.

If you like lamination and overbored with your current outdated style then convert your kitchen into a modern style by installing a new laminate over the existing tops.

Granite sheets are another inexpensive way for kitchen resurfacing. Get a perfect look with less cost by using a real granite blended with polymer resin to form thin sheets. Professional countertop resurfacing contractors install this granite sheets. The company measures the counters and make granite sheets as per the size of the counters.

Kitchen countertops

Whether you like the classy look of the white tiles or looking for an inexpensive way for granite look then tile is a great way to cover up the outdated laminate. If you aren’t not in favour of a particular board base then place thin cement sheet board over the existing counter. You can even opt for faux granite countertops.

So, choose the best way for kitchen countertop resurfacing after exploring the details on how expensive is kitchen countertop resurfacing.

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