8 Helpful Convection Oven Maintenance And Care Tips

Convection ovens, while in use in industrial scenarios for quite some time, have also made their way to residential kitchens. These wonders of engineering are amazing at their job, as long as you follow these oven repair and maintenance practices.

Use The Self-Cleaning Feature That Came Built Into The Oven

A lot of people are unaware of this fact, but modern convection ovens come with a built-in self-cleaning feature. Don’t know how to use it? Look in the owner’s manual. While the steps vary from model to model, they all work the same way and keep your oven sanitized at all times.

Make Sure To Also Clean It Out Manually On A Regular Basis

While the self-cleaning feature is fine for regular disinfection, manual cleaning of the inside of your oven on a regular basis is still necessary. Once every six months is a good timeframe to tackle a crucial task.

Do Not Ever Remove The Knobs Of Your Convection Oven

This only applies to those ovens that come with knobs, as more and more convection ovens are moving to touch operated controls. Regardless, the knobs in such appliances are directly connected to the control system of the oven, and while it may be tempting to remove the knobs to wipe beneath them, we suggest you hold back as it may not only mess with the internal calibration, but increase the risk of electrocution as well.

Inspect The Power Supply To Avoid Any Risk Of Electric Hazards

When cleaning your oven, make sure to also look at the wires coming out from the unit and going into the main supply line, and make sure there are no bends or cuts. Also visually inspect the breaker circuit to make sure that the appliance is well protected from voltage surges and shorts.

Make Sure To Always Unplug The Main Supply Before Cleaning

This one goes without saying. Whenever you are working on anything electrical, in particular something as high voltage as a convection oven, do not ever forget to disconnect the appliance from the main supply line so that there is no risk of any electrocution. Your oven has a lot of exposed metal parts and when going at it with a damp cloth, all the ingredients for the recipe of disaster are present right there. Do not test your luck and safeguard yourself from the worst.

Check The Fans And The Heating Elements For Potential Issues

These two are the most important parts of your convection oven, and so it is imperative that you ensure they are performing to their optimal at all times. As a non-technical person, this may not be feasible for you, and so a call to an expert appliance technician makes sense in this case.

Always Follow The Manufacturers Specifications When Baking

All convection ovens, while work using the same mechanism, operate in widely varying ways. The right trick for achieving the results you desire with your food are listed in the owner’s manual, so do be sure to follow that instead of using your own imagination, which may end up harming the machine for good.

Remove And Clean The Racks After Every Use

The racks on the convection oven are designed in such a way that they slide off easily, and the very reason for that is so you can give them a good rinse after you are done baking whatever. This will help reduce chances of bacterial contamination.

Convection ovens are a fairly hefty investment so it makes sense to want to get the most out of them for the longest period of time before you need to replace them. For this, it is important to use the appliance with care and take the time to provide it with the care that it needs. By following the ten tips listed above, you will be well on your way to ensuring many hassle-free years of delicious baking and food experimenting. And while most of these can be handled by yourself, if you do not feel easy about the task, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional appliance repair Northern VA technician. It may cost you some money, but you will see extended lifespan of your oven.

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