8 Handy Tips For Fall HVAC Maintenance

If there is one time of the year where servicing your ducted or ductless air conditioner makes perfect sense, it is in the fall season, when the load of summer is just over and the holiday season is fast approaching. Here are some tips for you to follow during that time to get your HVAC back in perfect shape.

Do A Visual Inspection To See If The Unit Working As It Should

Turn the air conditioner on and go through all the modes to see if the unit is working as intended. In the event that it is, do not think that your work is done here. You must take some measures to ensure that it keeps working in the current state.

Clean The Outer Dust Filters & Note Down When It Is Due Next

Remove the top cover of your air conditioner and right at the front, you will see the two air filters, most likely in a bad shape if you haven’t cleaned them in a while. This is the most essential step of your AC maintenance, and something that you should do every month give or take.

Make Sure There Is No Dust Accumulation On The Outer Unit

The outer unit of your air conditioning system is exposed to all the forces of nature and that is why, this is the component that needs to be maintained extra diligently in order to ensure that things keep working as expected.

Start The HVAC And Observe If All The Internal Fans Are Alright

With the filters and outer unit cleaning out of the way, it is time to observe the fans and their operation. Make sure they are not loose, making weird sounds or dead altogether. And most of all, make sure that they are not in contact with any of the condenser pipes, as the blades can cause them to puncture.

Check Coolant Pressure On The Unit And See If It Needs Refilling

The coolant is the bloodline of any HVAC unit, and therefore, any shortage in its pressure will cause what is akin to amnesia in your air conditioner. To avoid it, make sure that the level stays topped up at all times.

Invest In A Smart Home Thermostat System For More Efficiency

Modern smart thermostats breathe new life into your HVAC system, allowing you to not only operate the appliance in a much more efficient manner, but also automate a lot of basic tasks based on your specific usage patterns, as well as monitor and control everything from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Have A Professional & Certified Repair Technician Inspect It

While AC maintenance is something that is the responsibility of the owner to carry out once every month, an annual AC inspection is something that only a professional AC technician with the required certification can carry out for you, and it is absolutely necessary if you want your unit to keep working as intended, for a long time to come.

Utilize The Self-Cleaning Feature Built Into The Air Conditioner

Most HVAC owners are unaware of the fact that their unit has a built-in self-cleaning feature designed to get rid of dust and debris by utilizing the fans. If you are not aware how you can use it, refer to your owner’s manual.

Maintaining an appliance as important and as expensive as an HVAC is crucial, at least once every year, in order to ensure that everything keeps working according to specs, and that there is no risk of things breaking down in you at a time when you need it functioning the most.

A proper in time maintenance job will not only help find issues that are at the initial stage of developing into a full-blown disaster, and remedying them before that happens, but it also goes a long way in ensuring that your unit maintains its rated lifespan. We suggest, however, that you do not DIY the servicing for such a delicate piece of hardware as an HVAC, and get a professional, certified AC repair service Stony Brook to do the job instead. If it’s a regular maintenance it won’t cost you much, but keep an eye if there is any repair needed.

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