6 Mistakes Most Brides Make During Their Wedding

When you’re the bride, the wedding is your dream day. And you deserve to look fresh as a daisy at your wedding. But the organization hustle and the last-minute pitfalls are the obstacles. Chances are you will end up ruining your dream wedding if you don’t pre-consider this. Here I have mentioned a few wedding mistakes that you must avoid making by getting the help of family, friends, wedding planners and wedding tent rentals. It will help you be at ease during the last hours. And it will also make you walk on the aisle with grace. So, go ahead and enjoy your happy moments.

Inviting Guests Too Early

Sarcastically speaking, this is the issue with first-timers. They jump in excitement and start inviting the guests to a wedding that doesn’t even exist yet. Well, jokes aside, but stay calm while planning. Do not announce your wedding plans too early and start inviting too many people.

It is suggested that you first consider your wedding destination, plans, and most importantly, your budget. Then, invite your friends and family accordingly. Or else, it will be damn embarrassing backing off at the last minute.

Falling Victim To Crash Dieting

This piece of advice is for both the groom and the bride. But, most significantly, it’s for the bride. Yes, the memories are going to last for long. And I get it that you want your wedding talk buzz around the town for months. But, don’t be hard on yourself.

Always keep this in mind; you are who you are. And if someone’s going to love you for real, they’re going to love you with your natural body. So, you do not need to make drastic changes in your body.

But, still, if you want a toned and fit look. Then, you can go for healthy food plans. And for that, you should start the meal plan at least six months before the wedding and go slow.

Not Being Realistic About The Guest List

Either you’re handling the wedding plans yourself or hiring a planner, you need to be realistic about the guest list. Never make a tight plan. Always leave some room for the last-minute thoughts.

For instance, many brides plan the venue, sitting arrangement, and menu according to per head. But, wait a minute. Aren’t you missing something? The band, the vendors, the photographer. Aren’t you going to make room for extras? Well, you should. And if they’re at the wedding, you meant to feed them as well. Therefore, plan it beforehand. Or else, you’ll fall victim to last-minute over-budgeting.

Buying The Wedding Dress Before Choosing The Venue

In your wedding planning hustle, you sometimes wholly forget yourself. But, by the end of the day, it’s not the décor you’re going to enjoy, but you. If you’re fresh and feeling beautiful, that’s the best end of the day.

Therefore, there are some things to consider in your planning. First of all, never end up buying a wedding dress before deciding the theme and the venue. You never know about the last-minute mood changes. What if you’re going to plan a destination wedding? What are you going to do with that expensive, bigger dress that suits a hall wedding?

Having A Large Gap Between The Ceremony And The Reception

It is one of the mistakes most brides make. You have to consider your guests. They have work and life to look for. So, no one can wait this long for the wedding to end. Also, do consider what they’re going to do if the gap is long. Provide them some activities and pay their travel bills, if possible.

Not Hiring A Wedding Planner

You surely don’t want to worry about the décor and the catering on your wedding day. But, if you’re not going to hire a wedding planner, chances are that you’ll end up sorting the lights and flowering instead of being there in the moment. That’s not at all an exaggeration. That is true.

Trying to do it all on your own will mess up things. If your wedding budget is tight, you can hire low-budget vendors and wedding party rentals Rockland NY. Also, you can hire a planner to take care of the stuff a week ahead only. If your budget is even tighter, go for the vendors that give hourly services.

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