4 Pet Diseases That Can Affect You

As much as you love your pets, you should know that they can infect you with diseases. Here are some of the most common diseases that you can be infected with and how to prevent it from happening:


Ringworm is a fungal infection that exists in younger pets. You should note that you can’t get it from older pets. If your puppy or kitten is infected, it can spread the condition thorough skin, blankets, and feces.

The condition presents itself as a red-like infection that can appear on your skin or on a bald spot on your head. You will know if you have the condition when you start seeing scaly red circles on your skin.

For you to protect yourself from the condition, you should avoid petting your little puppy or kitten if you know that they are infected. Even if you don’t know whether your little buddy is infected, you should make a habit of washing your hands after petting.

When you are gardening in an area where you are likely to get into contact with the feces, you should always wear gloves.

Have you already been infected? Don’t worry as the condition is easy to treat. Doctors can easily treat the condition using an antifungal ointment. In the event the condition is severe, the physician can recommend an oral prescription.

Tapeworm, roundworm, and hookworm

Most puppies and kittens are born with roundworms. For you to be safe, you should regularly have your little guy tested for the existence of the parasites. If found, have it treated as soon as possible.

Roundworm eggs can last up to a month in the soil; therefore, if you eat without cleaning your hands, you can easily get infected with the condition.

You should note that roundworms cause serious eye, lung, heart, and neurological issues; therefore, you should get treatment as soon as possible. When you visit a doctor, the professional will prescribe an anti-parasitic drug that will get rid of the condition almost immediately.

You can get hookworms from getting into contact with contaminated soil. The parasite gets into your body by penetrating the skin surface. The cool thing with the condition is that it heals itself after some time. You can also get medications from your doctor if you need to.

Prevention is always better than cure. To protect yourself, you should follow the guidelines given for the roundworms.

When it comes to tapeworms, they get into your little buddy through infected fleas or stool. For you to protect yourself, protect your pets from the parasite. You can do this by keeping a close eye on them so that they don’t eat other animal’s feces.

It’s also wise that you treat the pets with anti-flea medicine. The ideal time to treat them is once a month. You should also have your pets wear flea and tick collars.

When you are infected with a tapeworm, you are bound to experience weight loss, gastrointestinal issues, among other issues. Tapeworms are dangerous if left untreated; therefore, if you are infected, get treatment as soon as possible.

The cool thing is that doctors easily treat the condition using oral medications.


Toxoplasmosis is often transmitted through cat feces. When you are suffering from the condition, you have symptoms similar to those of a flu virus. If you are pregnant, the condition can have adverse effects on you and your baby.

For you to protect yourself from the condition, always wash your hands after cleaning the kitty litter box. If possible, keep your pets indoors. This is to minimize the chances of the pets contracting the illness.

When you are infected, visit a doctor who will give you the right medication.

Parrot fever

Also known as parakeet, macaw, or psittacosis, parrot fever is spread when you inhale toxins from the bird droppings. The unique thing with the condition is that it can show symptoms or not. Some of the symptoms that the condition will show include: fever, cough, or muscle aches.

How can you protect yourself from the condition? You should always wear a mask and glove when you are cleaning the bird’s cage. In the event you are infected, visit your doctor who will give you antibiotics to treat it.

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