Taking care of a ductless air conditioner

Ductless air conditioners happen to be highly cost effective and efficient cooling options, for both commercial and residential settings. However, the efficiency of ductless air conditioners primarily depends on how well the system is working. In general, the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner is quite popular for being a very tough and long-lasting unit. Still, regardless of the brand, chances are that you will have to follow some simple maintenance tips. Routine maintenance will ensure proper working of your air conditioner, allowing you to get the most out of the unit.

Some easy maintenance tips for ductless AC units

Air conditioners are a complex piece of equipment. Hence, there are a number of things regarding ACs that you may want a professional to handle. However, apart from that, there are many simple steps that you can take too in order to keep your unit in good standing. In this article, we aim to list them all!

Keep it clean on the outside

This is literally the easiest thing that you can do in order to ensure proper working of your unit. In case dirt, dust, and debris keeps collecting up on your unit, it may soon find its way inside. As a result of this, your ductless air conditioner may run into major problems.

So adopt a weekly dusting routine in order to keep the unit clean on the outside. You can also make use of a chemical cleaner that is safe, and a damp cloth to clean it.

While this may sound like a small step, it could significantly reduce your costs and additional work later!

Turn off the system while cleaning

Often at times, people let the air conditioner running while they are cleaning. However, in case you are planning to clean the insides of the unit, turn the system off first.

Now this may sound like an obvious step. However, it is quite surprising that many people tend to skip this. Ultimately, this results in a lot of damage or worse, electrocution. Hence, turning the system off before cleaning (both the interior and exterior) is safe for you and your unit both!

Don’t forget to remove the filters

The filters inside a ductless air conditioner are a very crucial component. In case you do not clean the filters every month, the efficiency of your air conditioning unit will reduce significantly.

However, you must learn how to remove the filters safely from the unit. Firstly, they should always be removed after turning the system off. Once removed, make use of a soft dry cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt.

Alternatively, you can also use a damp cloth. However, avoid using any chemical cleaners on the filter as it could reduce its life expectancy.

Check for snow and ice

When you use a ductless air conditioner for heating purposes, chances are that some snow may get collected on it. This will reduce the heat transfer capabilities, as a result of which its efficiency will be reduced.

So regularly check the accumulation of snow or ice on the outside of the unit. In case you find something, remove it gently. This is a step that you must perform every 8-12 hours, because snow is rather quick to accumulate during peak winter season.

Important note

In case things go wrong, never hesitate to call an expert for help. Moreover, note that Mitsubishi ac installation Long Island is not a DIY project. In case you are already well-acquainted with the installation process, good for you! However, if you’re not, better leave it to the professionals. This is because poor installation often effects the efficiency of an AC unit drastically!

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