Sewer Cleaning Companies: Common Sewer Line Problems And How To Prevent Them

While many homeowners know that they need to undertake proper sewer line repair, most of them don’t. The end result is sewer problems that require expensive repairs. Are you a new homeowner? Here are some of the most common sewer problems as given by sewer cleaning companies. You will also learn how you can prevent the problems from coming about.

Tree roots in the sewer pipe

Trees are always looking for water. The sewer pipe is attractive to the roots as it’s moist most of the time. Sewer pipe damage due to tree roots results when roots find a crack or hole in the pipeline and get in. When the roots are small, you can go for years without having issues with your sewer line, but when they are large, they block the sewer line and you have to deal with intermittent clogs.

In some cases, the roots enlarge to the extent where they completely damage the sewer line.

For you to prevent this problem from coming about, avoid planting trees near the sewer line. You should note that trees with long root systems will get to your sewer line even if they are far from it.

The most effective way of fixing the issue is planting trees with shallow root structures. Some of the best ones to go with are: ash trees, oak trees, willow trees, and maple trees. While you have peace of mind that these trees won’t cause damage to your sewer system, they are easily blown over by strong winds. So, avoid planting them if you live in areas that experience strong winds.

Are there already large trees around your home? The best way of protecting your sewer system from damage is creating a poisonous zone around the pipes. You can do this by applying copper sulfate crystals around the system. The roots can’t penetrate these chemicals.

Blockage due to large pieces of food

Food flows easily down the kitchen sink but if the piecees are large, they might not fit through the sink trap drain. Some people have the impression that the pieces will flow through when they use a lot of water. This isn’t the case. If the food pieces are large, they can’t flow thus end up causing a clog.

The good thing is that you can prevent this problem from coming about. If you have to throw away large pieces of meat or clumps of potato peels, get rid of them in small batches. One of the most effective strategies you can use is grinding them before they go down the sink.

A more effective method is throwing the meat in the garbage disposal instead of the sink. Avoid putting onion peels, artichoke leaves, banana peels, corn husks or any other fibrous food in your sink as they are known to cause clogging.

Blockages due to grease accumulation

Oil, grease, soap, and fatty substances are introduced in the kitchen. Many homeowners have the impression that the fatty substances will go down the drains as they are liquid at the time of pouring them in the sink. While they are liquid, they solidify as soon as they get into contact with the cold sewer lines.

When you continue pouring more of the grease down the drain, it accumulates and eventually clogs the system.

One of the ways of preventing the problem from coming about is installing a grease receptor under the sink. The receptor allows water to escape to the sewer line while the grease and oils stay in the grease trap. For you to keep the receptor in top working condition, make it a habit of hiring grease trap cleaning services providers every few months to inspect and clean it.

A better method is to avoid pouring oils in the sink. Have a separate bottle where you put the grease. Once it fills up, throw it away.

Problems due to accumulation of mud, leaves, and debris

Sometimes water from the yard gets into the sewer lines. When the water is too dirty, the sewer lines clog due to the accumulation of mud, debris, and leaves. For you to prevent this problem, install grates with a fine drain screen. Drain contractors Westchester also report that regular cleaning of the drain catch reduces the chances of mud accumulating in the sewer lines.

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