How To Delay Divorce

Crucial decisions like divorce should have the best divorce lawyers involved. But, not in every case divorce is supported mutually by both spouses, sometimes one of them doesn’t like the idea so they try some tactics to delay the divorce such as.

Marriage Counselling

Divorce is unquestionably a huge decision which shall not be made on minor couple quarrels. There is no couple who doesn’t argue or fight but taking small arguments personally really quick and insulting each other with hurtful words can develop worse conditions. There is no fight that cannot be resolved with dialogue.

If you see your relationship steering towards a divorce, you can delay it by scheduling a marriage counselling session with a marriage therapist and take your spouse along with you. Most of the marriage issues arise due to lack of communication among the partners and these marriage counselling sessions help a lot in making this work out for the couple.

Not Signing the Divorce Papers

Whoever from the couple wants to get a divorce, has to file a divorce first. If the decision is mutual, no one would delay signing the papers but if it isn’t and if one of the spouses wants to delay the divorce then he/she would simply refuse to sign the petition or would not respond to it at all. By refusing to sign, a little delay can be made and this tactic is followed by several people out there who want to delay their divorce.

Pretending To Be Busy

Once a spouse has filed a divorce, spousal support lawyers or divorce lawyers schedule meetings for the couple for some interrogation. However, many people follow the strategy of pretending to be busy and cancelling the meetings at the eleventh hour. They give the reason that they are stuck in their hectic routine and could not find even a little time to attend the meeting. Furthermore, many people fake their health issues to avoid meetings from the lawyers as this ultimately delays the process of divorce.

Agreeing On Getting Divorced After a Couple of Years

Many parents are highly concerned about their children that even after having differences among themselves, they try to stay together for the sake of their children and their future. Couples having younger kids usually do this. Such married couples agree on getting divorced when their children get older to a particular age. But, this should only happen when both the parents stay and act normal in front of their children because if they would keep on fighting and arguing, it would leave a negative impact on their children and staying together for the sake of their children won’t be helpful at all. This is a way of delaying divorce that involves the betterment of children’s future.

Frequently Changing Divorce Lawyers

It is not necessary that everyone gets satisfied with any divorce attorney. Couples try to find the best divorce lawyers so that their matter is handled professionally without any complications. But, some people keep on changing their lawyers pretty frequently for different reasons, one out of all the reasons is that they want a slight delay in the divorce.

This is because a continuous change in attorneys puts your divorce case on hold. Many people have been noticed to get successful in delaying divorce by using this tactic of changing lawyers. However, there are some judges who don’t allow to put your case on hold even if you continuously change your attorneys.

Reasons to Use Divorce Delaying Tactics

Here is why people use these clever strategies to delay their divorce:

  1. The foremost reason for delaying divorce by the spouses is to not get into the war of child custody. Couples try to stay together until their child gets proper education and become mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong for them.
  2. Spouse wants to take revenge from their partner so they decide to torture them by keeping on delaying the process.
  3. You want to stabilize things as much as you can so you try to buy some time by using delaying tactics.

Find expert spousal support lawyers Alexandria VA to make your divorce and life after divorce easier. It is a painful process, but in some cases, it is necessary.

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