How To Clean A Bathroom Drain

Blocked drains are something no one’s eyes wish to have a sight of, but they are something you can’t avoid either. No matter how wary you are, drains are somehow clogged. They are mostly clogged by hair and soap scum. Now you definitely cannot let these monsters block your drain and ruin your drainage system and need to do bathroom drain cleaning thoroughly.

It might seem like a hectic and nasty task to do but it is not that hard when you give it a try. There are three main types of drains your bathroom has.

  1. Shower drain
  2. Bathtub drain
  3. Bathroom sink drain

Steps to Follow

For all the types, you can follow the methods mentioned under:

  1. Simple Cleaning

If your drains are not very dirty and blocked, the following method will be helpful.

You’ll be needing your usual chemical drain cleaners but these can be quite harmful and you have to be extremely careful. An alternative method, though, is to use baking soda with white vinegar, which is the most famous tools for toilet drain cleaning.

  • Unscrew the stopper
  • Remove the lid
  • Pour down a good amount of baking soda
  • When you think enough of it has been sent down, immediately pour down white vinegar from the top of it. You will see bubbling due to the reaction
  • Let it stay there for a good 20 minutes for the chemicals to do their work properly
  • After 20 minutes, pour down boiling water down the drain to clean up any further clogs and the reactants that you had put in earlier
  1. Savior for All-Plungers

“Pressure creates diamonds”

Toilet plungers are something everyone turns to. They are always there for your toilets. The science they work on is the science of pressure. The best thing is that using them is quite simple and effective in bathroom drain cleaning.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Unscrew the stopper and remove the lid
  • Apply some petroleum jelly on its cup. This will help to seal the cup better onto the surface
  • Once the plunger is properly sealed, push its handle with pressure -again and again
  • Make sure your first push is gentle because there is air inside the cup

Once the air is out, plunge in and out fiercely. Sounds disgusting, but make it fun. You’re a hero for your bathroom.

  1. Snake Wires

If there is a lot of clog and the above mentioned steps will not work, then you need to go with the wires for your toilet drain cleaning.

Unscrew the stopper, remove the lid and put the wire deep down, as deep as you can. Rotate it inside the little tunnel and bring all of the dirt out. You will mostly find hair; and a lot of them.

That’s it! However, in case of your bathroom sink, if you have not taken care of it for a very long time and it has become too clogged, Karma will do what it does. You now will have to work hard to clean all that up by sitting down and unscrewing the pipes beneath.

  • Check out the U-shaped pipe that connects the pipe that comes from your sink and the main drainage pipe
  • Place a bucket under the pipes to collect the water that will fall when you unscrew the pipes
  • Unscrew the U-shaped pipe first using a plier to take care of those stubborn nuts
  • Using a wire, take all of the dirt out of the U-shaped pipe and keep it aside
  • Then rotate it in the pipe coming from the sink and pull the collected residue out
  • Do the same for the pipe attached to the wall
  • When all cleaned, join the U-shaped pipe back and screw it tightly
  • Now, run water through it and smile at your hard work

Do not forget to wear your plastic gloves before going on the adventure of toilet drain cleaning.Happy cleaning!

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