Adding Volume To Hair Through Extensions – Easy Tips To Follow

Styling hairs is all about getting the correct hair extensions. There are numerous styles available but it’s your facial structure that would finalize the best type of extension to enhance the overall appearance and look. You would have noticed that some of the girls’ extensions look tacky and fake. At the same time, there are also those ones who enjoy seamless blending of the extensions. It is basically the type you choose and way to wear them that defines the looks.

Look for the right hair extension strategies

In order to blend the hair with extensions in the most perfect manner, it is necessary to get the hair straightened perfectly into the extensions. In order to get it done, the best option is to clip the extensions as normal and then try to straighten the hair. Once you are over with the straightening part, leave the hair as it is for cooling for around 10 minutes. Once done, you are ready to stylize the hair in any form you would feel like. This trick would allow you to get the hair extension blend seamlessly into the actual hair to provide the most natural look possible.

Tricks for longer lasting hair extension hold

It would be quite frustrating if the hair extension keeps slipping out all through the day. This is when you would require backcombing of the hair. The right type of backcombing brush is essential to figure out. The brush should have soft bristles to gently tease through your hair roots. This should be followed by spraying a light hairspray to enjoy extra gripping before the extensions are finally clipped in. Those who have finer hair pattern should use some kind of volume boosting powder like the TIGI BED HEAD CANDY FIXATIONS SUGAR DUST prior to the backcombing process. Simple a slight sprinkling of this powder is enough to ensure that the extension would never fall apart.

Importance of backcombing

Backcombing is not only essential to keep the hair extension fall in place perfectly, but it also helps in disguising the clips. In order to enjoy that extra volume for covering the clips, all you need to do is backcomb underneath the top layer of the hair.

How to manage shorter hair

Those with shorter hair or thin layer can clip the extension while making them tilt slightly backwards. This would minimize the blunt effect and will help in creating a much featured and flattering look. You can go for Dream catchers hair extensions that have been quite popular in the market for their superior quality and perfectly natural outlook.

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