How To Install Stone Veneer

When you want to install a stone veneer in your house, you can call in an expert stone veneer contractor. Installing a stone veneer is a lengthy and hectic process but also a fun one. A stone veneer gives an artistic look to your house or any room without costing too much, but stone veneering the whole house may require a retaining wall contractor.

Steps of Stone Veneering

If you see the internet or videos of how to stone veneer at home, you will be confused as for how to start. You can always consult a professional stone veneer contractor or a retaining wall contractor for help and to ask the details. Listed below are some tips which are necessary for the preparation of stone veneering.

Tips Before Starting

  • Calculate the amount of materials you will be needing, the stones, mortar, grout and all other things. You will be needing the help of a stone veneer contractor to calculate the quantity of the materials.
  • Keep your hands and the surface e of the wall clean at all times., Make sure the wall is scent and oil free.
  • The stone veneers used should be clean and also make sure to use handmade stone veneer as it will be lighter in weight and easy to install as compared to natural stone.
  • Make sure to cover the floor with paper so to not splash mortar or grout on the surface.
  • Prepare the stones on the floor as how you want them to be placed on the wall, this will save extra time.


First, you will need to prepare your wall surface as your thorough preparation will determine the durability of the stone veneer. If the surface has any paint or grease, then the paint must be scratched in order for the process to begin. If you are working on the exterior of your house, then you will need to apply a weather resistant barrier. These will be applied with 1-inch nails which should be 6 inches apart. This will be a metal lath which will act as a barrier. While if you are only doing the interior then you just need to peel off the barrier paper and stick it.

Warning: be careful while sticking the paper as if it sticks somewhere else it will be next to impossible to remove it.

Scratch Coat

This coat will be needed to in case of using metal lath. The coat should be around half inch thick. This is a mixture of cement, with sand and a joining agent which will bind the metal lath. This mortar is a very important step, there will be different ratios of mixing sand to cement but whatever ratio you use, stick by it every time you make mortar for stone veneering. Mix in water and make it into a thick paste and apply it on the metal lath covering all the holes and scraping the excess. This should be left to dry for 24 hours. Adding a shine to the paste will be good as it will show afterward.


Wash all the stones thoroughly as damp stones will not absorb moisture from the mortar and retaining well. You can shape the stones using various tools or use manufactures stones. The edges of the stone will be filled later with grout.

Stones Installation

Make again the same mixture of the scratch coat and mix it thoroughly for 5 minutes and it should be like mashed potatoes. Too wet mixture will not stick properly while too thick will dry quickly. Apply a half-inch layer of mortar on the stone and on the wall and start placing the stones. Press the stone hard on the wall so that the excess mortar comes out. Clean the excess mortar from all places with a damp cloth instantly before it dries. Place the stones around 1 to 2inchges apart so that it gives a natural look.


Once you have placed all the stones on the wall, use a grout bag to fill the spaces in between the stones. Clean the excess mortar with a brush and water. Let it dry for 24 hours, then apply a sealing coat. After it dries apply a second coat, as this will give ashen and will be easy to clean

If at any point you get confused, you can always call a stone veneer contractor or retaining wall contractor for help.

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