Different Types of Composite Shutters to Make Your House Look Wonderful

It is true that shutters are quite pricey pieces, but if you avail interior shutters discount you can decorate your house at reasonable price. Plantation shutters are trendy and give your room a unique look. Not only caring about the aesthetic value of your room, but these shutters is one-time investment due to their durability and longevity. Today, you will get some information about the types of these shutters.

Types of Shutters

Usually, the plantation shutters are available in three types-

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Composite

Have a look on these types and know which the best for your house is.

  1. Vinyl Shutters – If you are looking for cheaper option, vinyl shutters are the best option. These shutters have aluminum support that makes them sturdy. Besides cost, these shutters are weather resistant and can be used in high moisture areas. The types of vinyl shutters are-
  • Hollow Vinyl– These are effective for limited usage. They have size limitations and not applicable for larger frames of window.
  • Structured Hollow Vinyl– To stop sagging, these vinyl shutters are sturdy enough. These have better structural integrity than the previous ones.
  • Solid Vinyl– These are better in quality than the previous ones. The cost is also within reach.
  • Solid Vinyl with Aluminum– The metal support makes these shutters better than the previous versions.
  • Vinyl-clad Wood– Here the wooden frames are wrapped in vinyl. While the wooden structure provides durability and strength, the vinyl coating makes the shutters weather resistant and applicable on highly moisture areas.
  1. Wood Shutters– This is the ultimate variety of plantation shutters. The wood shutters, made of basswood, are the best of its type. Not only these are applicable for any height but these are also capable of holding any strength. Another uniqueness of wood shutters is that you can customize it according to your wish which is not possible for vinyl and composite shutters.
  2. Composite Shutters– These shutters are popular as fake wood or faux wood shutters. These are made of engineered wood and the coating is made of vinyl or PVC. If you don’t want to install wood shutters, you can go for these as they are hardy and weather resistant. You can also install it at humid areas.

Composite shutters dc are one of the vital types of shutters and you can use it to add variety to your room.

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